Principal's Message


Niagara Street School gathering

Welcome to our school!
Niagara Street School is a small downtown school located at the corner of Niagara and Adelaide. Niagara is part of a growing, vibrant caring community. We are a Kindergarten to Grade 6 school and we pride ourselves on the caring and nurturing environment we provide for our students. We call ourselves the little school with the BIG heart!
We believe in maintaining a strong partnership with parents, guardian, caregivers and our community. We provide a rich variety of learning opportunities both in the classroom and in extra curricular activities. At Niagara we value the arts and technology to enhance learning. We also believe in encouraging students to develop a healthy active lifestyle which includes daily Physical Education and a healthy morning snack.
We also have a wonderful Family Literacy Centre for parents of preschool children who can drop by anytime and participate in great activities with their children that will help them get ready for school. We also have a fantastic daycare – Garrison Creek Daycare - that provides a great program for our students. There are also many extra programs available to our students like Mandarin classes and Art Express. All these partnerships add to the great learning experiences our students have here at Niagara Street School. We are here to create a warm welcoming environment where students feel like they belong. We have a wonderful school council where we work together to provide a great program for the students. Our council maintains a great community blog. to keep our community informed of all our wonderful Niagara activities. Teachers, staff and parents work collaboratively for the benefit of our students. We want everyone to feel that they are a respected and valued member of our Niagara School Community. Students are encouraged to take on responsibilities in the school and to be socially conscious. The little school with the BIG heart is a great place for students to learn!

Angela Marsh