Physical Education

Physical Education

Phys. Ed. At Niagara

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"You can learn more about a man in an hour of play than in an hour of conversation" - Plato

Niagara Street PS is fortunate to have a wonderful Physical Education Programme that focuses on fun, fitness and fundamentals. It's goal is to help students acquire skills and self-confidence in a wide variety of physical activities. The children learn the benefits of regular exercise and the link to a healthy lifestyle.

In the primary grades the students learn how to play cooperatively in large and small group activities, follow directions and safety rules, and learn how to recognize boundaries. They develop locomotor and manipulative skills through the exploration of a variety of equipment.

In the junior grades the emphasis on skills such as fair play and sportsmanship continue, with more opportunities to take on leadership roles. Fundamental movement skills become more sport specific and students take a more active role in measuring and assessing their own fitness levels.

There are several extracurricular activities and sport teams that are organized throughout the year that build on skills learned in class. Our Niagara Olympians practice their skills and compete with other schools and in local tournaments.  They pride themselves on good sportsmanship and teamwork demonstrating the importance of not only winning games but working hard and having fun.

Many of the activities and sports learned include:

  • basketball
  • volleyball 
  • ballroom dancing
  • ultimate Frisbee   
  • rugby 
  • soccer
  • track and field
  • folk dancing
  • gymnastics
  • distance running