Registration 2023 - 2024

First Day of School for 2023-2024 is September TBA 2023 


2023-2024 School Year OPEN HOUSE 

Thursday, January 26, 2023 

6:00-7:00 p.m.

Registration begins January 2023

TDSB has a new registration system.  Please wait while we update this section.



Home School/In District Student Transfer Form Due Date is Friday, February 24, 2023 from your current school office for 2023-2024.


Students who reside within the City of Toronto have the right to attend a school which is designated to serve their residential address. The "Find Your School" section of the website identifies the designated schools for each residential address.

If your child is currently attending a TDSB (Toronto District School Board) school (in person or virtual) please contact your current school for a TDSB "Internal Student Transfer Form." 

If your child is new to Ontario or new to the Toronto District School Board (e.g., coming from a private school, TCDSB, Franco-Ontarian school board) then please email a new "TDSB registration form" (if you are new to TDSB this can also be done online at and also please email us at with the following information:

  1. Student Name:
  2. Age:
  3. Grade & Program for September 2022:
  4. Address with Postal Code:
  5. Current School of non-TDSB school or details about your arrival to Ontario, Canada:
  6. Parent name and email address:

Ms. Perry will respond with the correct path for registration to Queen Alexandra M.S. for 2022-2023 school year. 

Applications will be only be accepted through the Queen Alexandra MS email address -

All application also require a "Proof of Address" (e.g., Bank Statement, Utility Bills such as Telephone, Water, Hydro, Television Cable, Enbridge, Property Taxes, Credit Card Statement etc). Only the address portion of these bills is required (with parents/guardians name and address) the monetary information can be blacked out. TDSB guidelines do not allow a Driver’s License to be used as a "proof of address" for registration purposes. 

All registration forms must be completed and submitted by TBA.



Out of Area Admissions – Elementary  (Limited Space)

Students also have the opportunity to access schools outside of the school that is designated to serve their home address by applying for Out-of-Area Admissions. Acceptance at these schools is subject to space availability and program suitability. 

The procedures, conditions and timelines relating to optional attendance are described in the Out-of-Area Admissions Policy and the Out-of-Area Admission Operational Procedure . The TDSB will not be responsible for providing transportation for students admitted through Out-of-Area Admissions. Transportation is the responsibility of the applicant.

Elementary Out of Area Admissions will now only be available online and the letters will be issued by a central office (not the school).  

Key Dates (Elementary):

January 9, 2023 - February 10, 2023 at 4:00 p.m.
Round 1: Families to be informed of the status of the application Wednesday, March 8, 2023 Families must confirm acceptance of the offer by Tuesday, March 21 at 4:00 p.m.
Round 2: Families to be informed of the status of the application Wednesday March 22, 2023 Families must confirm acceptance of the offer by Tuesday, March 28 at 4:00 p.m.

More information:

Indigneous students can apply anywhere. 

Thus, they should be able to just register especially since Queen Alexandra houses an Indigneous Language and Culture Program.

Excerpt from the new policy:

Students self-identifying as First Nations, Métis or Inuit are not required to apply through Out-of-Area Admissions to attend a school of their choosing. For more information, visit the  Supporting Students Outside of Out-of-Area Admissions web page.

Thank you for your interest!