The Arts

The Arts



Our school has a vibrant music program including a general music program that includes digital composition and performance (e.g., beats) and instrumental music programs in guitar, band, strings, and steel pan band. 

Music class


Visual Arts

Our school Visual Arts program includes various media and guest artists in our large double art room. 

visual art in school walls



Our school concerts and performances are held in our Assembly room that has a full stage with stage lights. 

Think pink festival

Our arts programs offer a rich opportunity for our students to find their creative selves and experience the extension of learning. We have a large double-artroom, stage, and general music program including digital music composition and production. Students participate in Instrumental Music programs in strings, band (e.g., trumpet), ukulele, guitar and steel pan. 

To engage our students, many performances are offered both in our school and at the theatre. This year the students will be enjoying live performances in drama, dance and music, as well as attending live theatre. These experiences serve to bring these topics to life allowing our students to appreciate the art of performance, link directly to the issues in the curriculum as well as the creative world.