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French Immersion

Early French Immersion

The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) would like to share some information with families about Early French Immersion. 

Junior Kindergarten is the ONLY time your child may begin the Early French Immersion program. The next available entry point is Grade 4 with the Middle French Immersion Program. 

Early French Immersion programs are designed for students who do not speak French at home. The Early French Immersion program (Junior Kindergarten Entry) provides the maximum French language experience available in TDSB schools. The Early French Immersion program offers a 100% model of instruction in French from Kindergarten to Grade 3 in most schools (with the exception of a PREP-providing subject, for example Health & Physical Education, that may be delivered in English if required). 

Early French Immersion program is designed for families who speak a language other than French at home. ✓ We believe strongly that students are capable of learning another language so students of all learning styles and language backgrounds are welcomed and supported in the program. ✓ The Early French Immersion program is suited to all families who are interested in the opportunity to develop proficiency in French.

The application to the Early French Immersion program is an online process managed by the Central French Department and applications must be completed online in November each year, for students to start the following September.  An offer of  placement in the program (not a specific school) is guaranteed to all on-time applicants. Interested families can apply via the Application Link.