Tdsb Sports

Mission Statement

It is the mission of TDSB Athletics to provide opportunities for the students of its member schools to pursue excellence in education through participation in interschool sports.

Philosophy Of Athletics in the TDSB

As educators and coaches, our primary concern must be to ensure a valuable experience for the students participating in our athletic programs and competitions. Participants should be able to pursue excellence within an environment that promotes values with life-long application. The spirit of friendly competition, and a desire to win through an all-out effort within the rules of the game and through equal rights of all players, must be accompanied by recognition of and appreciation for the achievements, desires, effort, and abilities of one’s opponents. Participation and competition in sports provide unique opportunities for students to learn the rigor and discipline necessary for success. Participants will thus have the opportunity to develop pride in themselves, as well as respect for their opponents.

Competition initially serves as a motivating force to improve performance. It creates the desire to work hard toward the mastery of the skills and knowledge necessary for improvement. At the same time, competition provides immediate feedback as to the quality of learning that has occurred. Competition against oneself improves personal performance and ensures a valuable experience in athletics. The knowledge that one has given one’s best, regardless of the outcome, provides a sense of achievement and satisfaction.

As educators, coaches should realize the great potential for the development of personal and social values through sports participation, and help to facilitate related worthwhile outcomes.

Rosethorn Junior School Extra-Curricular Sports Program



  • Cross Country running 
  • Soccer 
  • Flag Football 


  • Volleyball 
  • Basketball 
  • Badminton 
  • Floor Hockey 


  • Track & Field 
  • SLOW-Pitch 
  • Ultimate Frisbee