Spirit Wear

Rosethorn School Council is very excited to announce the sale of Rosethorn Spirit Wear. On sale once a year for a limited time only!

You can order from a great selection of shirts, hoodies and pants. By ordering you will be able to show your school spirit and support your school community at the same time.  
A portion of every item you purchase will go directly to Rosethorn School Council, and will support the many initiatives the council pays for to enhance our school and the learning environment for our children and staff. We really appreciate your support!

Spirit Wear #1

Mabel's Labels

Mabel's Labels  Please click on the link below to order from Mabel's Labels. A percentage of each sale is credited to Rosethorn Junior School.  We do our best to return all clothing which is labelled to children.  Periodically we will put lost and found clothing on tables in the hallway for children to claim - after which we bag them up and send them to charity.                      


mabel's labels