Pizza & Subway Days

Pizza & Subway Days




Rosethorn Pizza Lunch is Back!2019-2020


Rosethorn School Council is happy to once again offer our Pizza lunch program.Once again, pizza will be supplied by Pizza Nova to offer a better quality pizza.

You get a day off from making lunches and the Council is able to raise valuable funds to help pay for school initiatives. This is a significant fundraiser for our school and we thank you for your support.

Pizza lunch will be held on Thursdays.Subway lunches will held on the alternating Thursdays so you get a break from lunch making every Thursday!!

There will be 17 pizza lunches throughout the year. Lunches include 1 or 2 slices of pizza, (choice of cheese, pepperoni or gluten free) and a treat. The price includes all 17 pizza lunches. There will not be any refunds for missed lunches.


The last day to place online orders is Thursday, October 3rd – a reminder will be sent via Online Cash on October 1st


•1 slice $80

•2 slices $115

•Gluten Free (1/2 of a Medium Pizza) $150

Below is a list of the pizza lunch dates for your calendar.

October 10 & 24

March 12

November 7 & 21

April 2 & 16 & 30

December 5 & 19

May 14 & 28

January 16 & 30

June 11

February 13 & 27




In order to run this program we Need Parent Volunteers to help hand out Pizza, if you can spare an hour please contact Andrea at





Rosethorn School Council is happy to announce that Subway lunch program is back again for both staff and students! It will be offered on Thursdays. Together with Pizza Lunch your Thursdays are covered, giving you weekly breaks from preparing a school lunch! The money raised will help our school council pay for school initiatives. This is another significant fundraiser for our school and we thank you for your support.

There will be 17 subway lunches throughout this year. Lunches include a 6” Subway sandwich (choice of gluten free bread available for extra charge).

The price for all 17 lunches is $115.00.Gluten free option is $130.

Subway Lunch Dates:

October 17, 31November 14, 28

December 12January 9, 23

February 6, 20 March 5, 26

April 9, 23May 7, 21

June 4, 18

**Please note: On June 25, the last day of school, there will be no subway or pizza lunches offered.


Online Order Due date is Wednesday October 9th, 2019

No refunds or credits issued for missed subway lunches.

Order and pay once to receive the same sandwich for all 17 lunches.


Online Ordering System:

This year we will be using School Cash Online. You will receive an email to let you know that there are items available in your account. Please follow the directions to choose your sandwich and make your payment.


If you have any questions or need help with ordering, please email Nesrine Rajji at