EdVance Program


Registration is Open

for currently active SCAS students who will be returning to the EdVance program in September.

New students to SCAS and previously enrolled students please see below.


Students born in 1999 or earlier are welcome to sign-up for SCAS Adult at https://schoolweb.tdsb.on.ca/scasads/


Course options sheet please click here

Selections form, for current currently active SCAS students, please click here


How SCAS will operate starting this September is still being developed. We do not know exactly how schools will be conducted or how we will register returning and new to SCAS students.


Information on what you will require is available on this web site. Some of this information includes a copy of your latest marks (your credit counselling summary), proof of address and a referral from the last school you attended.


Please continue to check on our website as it will be updated as information becomes available. We like to meet with all returning and new students. We have to wait until the Board determines how this will happen during the covid-19 pandemic.


We look forward to supporting you on the pathway you choose to follow.

All the best. Take care –

Guidance, Student Success


Please continue to check this website for Fall registration updates.

SCAS is a full-time school, students need to take a minimum of 2 subjects with one of them being in Period 2.

For link to 20202021 school year Course Selection, please continue to check this website.

For link to Student Registration Form, click here.

For link to Start-of-Year Permission Consent Form Package, click here.


Students are required to bring the following items to the registration:

  • Credit Counselling Summary or Up-to-date Transcript
  • Students are required to bring a School Referral Form completed by the administrator of their previous school.
  • Proof of Age
  • Proof of Canadian Citizenship of Eligible Immigration Status and First Entry into Canada
  • Proof of Address (utility bill, tax bill, bank statement, etc.)
  • $30.00 Debit or Credit Card only, cash can not be accepted 

If you require further assistance, please contact the EdVance Guidance Secretary

at (416) 396-6921 X 20200