Guidance F.A.Q.

Guidance F.A.Q.


Here is a FAQ Sheet you may find Useful:

Please note: For students who are "New" to SCAS or dropped all courses in Quad 1 and are now restarting in Quad 2, your current status is "PRE-REGISTERED". Pre-registered students need to become "Active" in the system to gain access to courses, email, SCAS Wifi etc. You become "activated" the moment your teacher indicates that you have been present in a class. From this moment, it may take the system 36-48 hours to generate access for you.


1) How do I change my courses?

If you want to change, make an appointment with a Counsellor.  Please Note: Many courses are FULL. Check this link.


2) How do I get my timetable?

Student Timetables have been sent to your TDSB Email Account. Students must log into to get into their student emails. Please check here for more details:


3) How do I login to my TDSB Email and how do I change my password?

Students must log into to get to their student emails. Please check here for more details:


4) How do I login to my Google or Brightspace Classroom?


5) I am enrolled in Virtual School. I haven’t heard anything, what do I do now? Please be patient. 

If you've received a Virtual School Timetable, and there are issues with the courses you selected you will need to send email to


6) I am a new student to SCAS, how do I sign up for courses?


7) As a Student, what is the expectations to gain access to my TDSB Network Resources?

For details watch this video.
In Summary: When your Course Attandance is taken for the first time by your Teacher and submitted, you became an active Student and the network access process begins.  

  • Within 24 hours, your access to in-school (Lan & TDSD-WIFI) and Academic Workspace ( via in-school or at home.
  • Note: You'll use AW as your launch pad to access your all resources, so you'll need to ensure you can login successfully with your 9 digit  Student Network and known password (or Secret Shared Password and change your password if needed).
  • Between 24 to 36 hours access to Student Email, Google Apps (e.g. Drive, Classroom, Meeting), TDSB Connects App (Student Digital Agenda) via Apple App Store & Google Play Store.  
  • Sometime between 24 to 96 hours access to Brightspace will become available. 

To keep your access to your resources, you must keep your attendance at good standing.  Follow Up with your Teacher for more details.