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Spectrum Alternative Senior School (GR. 07-08)

Spectrum Alternative provides balanced programming that helps students develop their personal strengths in time management, and creative collaboration. Spectrum offers excellent academic programming with an emphasis on project work that integrates language, visual, dramatic and cyber arts. This is a small school environment of up to 60 students in grades 7 and 8. Dedicated teachers create an engaging world of learning your child will value for life. Our students develop a greater awareness of self and society and discover their personal strengths. Within an environment that provides a balance between academic, social and emotional well-being, Spectrum expects students to be self-motivated learners who strive to achieve their personal best. 
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Phone:(416) 393-9311
Fax:(416) 393-0569
Address:50 Davisville Ave, Toronto, ON, M4S 1E8
Principal:David Finkelstein
Vice-Principal(s):Ramona Moftakhar
Office Staff:Jyothi Satyan Hiremaglur
School Council Chair(s):Jennifer Dysart
Superintendent:Andrew Howard
Learning Network:LN05
Trustee:Shelley Laskin
Ward:Ward 8

Parents Guide to Google Classroom

Many teachers have turned to Google Classroom to enable student learning at home. This online platform is for students to connect with teachers and with each other through posting of information and work. 

You can access the parents guide to Google Classroom by clicking here or by visiting https://www.nps.k12.nj.us/BEH/wp-content/uploads/sites/30/2020/03/2020-Parents-Guide-to-Google-Classroom.pdf