Student Life & Programme

Student Life & Programme


artSpectrum welcomes highly motivated students who are looking for an environment that provides many unique opportunities to work closely with teachers and peers.  Students are expected to learn and work positively with peers, accepting and embracing diversity as they grow and mature.


At Spectrum, many subject areas are integrated and delivered in large blocks of time.  Independent studies, extended projects, and hands-on-learning are regular parts of our programming.


Students graduating from Grade 8 are well-prepared for high school, with valuable experiences in social and academic skills including, critical thinking, teamwork, Dramatic and Visual Arts, English, French, Mathematics and other core subjects. 


Spectrum’s small-school environment lends itself to developing leadership, greater self-confidence and excellent presentation skills.


We offer students a complete program of academic study, enhanced with visual and performing arts. Our wonderful teachers bring studies to life with unique teaching strategies and project work.


Visual Arts

Spectrum offers an exciting and innovative visual arts program.  Art classes are linked through cross-curricular connections and focus on sketching, painting, sculpting, and multi-media presentations.  Large blocks of time are dedicated to studio work.


Core Subjects

 English, French, Mathematics, Science and Technology, History and Geography are the core subjects and are often presented and experienced in challenging, innovative and creative ways.  Students learn through a variety of ways including large class, small group and independent projects. 


Language and Literacy Studies

The English classes at Spectrum connect with many subject areas and are based on:

  • Balanced literacy program
  • Literature Circles
  • Reader Response
  • Integrated Literacy Projects
  • Script writing
  • Media studies and productions (e.g., filming, photography, web design, slideshows, digital animation)
  • Student publishing
  • Oral, theatrical and dramatic presentations


Cool projects designed by Spectrum students


Noam's Rubik's Cube-Solving Robot


Where You Belong: Student Voice and Student 

Along with providing a comprehensive, unique and dynamic programme, Spectrum also offers a variety of extra-curricular activities that change according to season and interests of the students. 

 These have included intra-mural and alternative school league sports, and clubs such as: comic book, fundraising, D&D, youth action, art, knitting, musical theatre, film, and yearbook.



Spectrum provides lunchtime supervision for students to eat at school. They have the choice to go out for lunch with their classmates (with parent permission) on Fridays (alternative Thursday if a PA day falls on Friday). Spectrum is located in the Yonge/Davisville neighbourhood, which offers many great places to eat.


New Friends

Most students who come to Spectrum know few people on the first day; however, this doesn’t last long.  Before you know it, they have forged new and exciting friendships.  New friendships and a sense of community are what makes Spectrum an exciting and comfortable place to be.