School Council & Events

School Council & Events

We are fortunate at Spectrum to have committed, involved parents.  They are an integral part of this school’s success and help make Spectrum a special place to be.  Parents meet throughout the year and help support and scaffold all of the exciting and unique programs that Spectrum has to offer.

They assist with field trips, research projects, career days, special guest speakers, and help make links with the broader community possible.  Students often join the parent community to lead committees for fundraising and special events.

Our Executive School Council for the year 2023-24 are:

Jennifer Dysart Co-Chair
Carol Chery-James Co-Chair
Lucinda Goldberg Co- Treasurer
Heather Graham Co- Treasurer
Zack Silver Co- Secretary
Aly Valli Co- Secretary
Amanda Donleavy memeber
Danielle Marcos memeber
Fahmida Suleman memeber
Misrak Gizaw memeber
Anshu Grover memeber
Jennifer Hanna memeber


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