1. What makes Spectrum 'Alternative'?

Size:  one class each of grade 7 and 8, small staff

Focus: integrated arts focus with an emphasis on group work and academics

Students:  community of learners who are supportive, motivated and independent


2.  What kind of student succeeds at Spectrum?

One who is:

• motivated to learn

• kind and accepting

• completes homework without monitoring

• independent, organized and is mindful of due dates

• responsible


3.  Is Spectrum a school for the gifted?

Students who attend Spectrum possess a range of abilities, including giftedness.

Although Spectrum provides an enriching, challenging program across the curriculum, we are not considered a school for the gifted. 


4. Do you have to be good at art to be a student at Spectrum?

Although we have an arts focus, you do not necessarily need to be an artist to come to Spectrum.  Having a good attitude is more important than artistic ability.


5.  My child has been in French Immersion or Extended Core.  Does Spectrum offer these programmes?

Spectrum’s programme is a core French programme.  It is a demanding program for all students.


6.  What kind of extra curricular activities are offered at Spectrum?

Spectrum offers a variety of student-led and teacher-supervised co-curricular activities.  Activities vary from year to year according to student interests.


7.  Do Spectrum students do well in secondary school?

Our students are extremely well-prepared for high school, whether they attend a specialty secondary school, or a regular collegiate.  Spectrum’s academic standards are high.  Students enter high school with extended experiences in visual, cyber and dramatic arts.


8.  Where do Spectrum students go to secondary school?

Our students attend a variety of high schools, from the neighbourhood collegiates to any one of a number of schools with specialized focus on the arts, athletics or science and mathematics.