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Winchester Junior and Senior Public School

Welcome to Winchester!

Welcome to November 2022!

It's hard to believe we are entering our 9th week of school!  November is about Hindu Heritage, Indigenous Education Month, Progress Reports and Tutoring.  More information about each of these items is below.  Enjoy November!

Hindu Heritage Month at the TDSB

The TDSB is proud to recognize Hindu Heritage Month during the month of November because of a motion passed in April 2018 by the Board of Trustees.  Further on December 8th, 2016, the Province of Ontario passed the Hindu Heritage Act, 2016 by declaring that the month of November in each year is proclaimed as Hindu Heritage Month,

Hinduism is one of the oldest living religions which have flourished for over 10,000 years.  It is an occasion to recognize and celebrate the rich tapestry of traditions, teachings and values that are integral to Hinduism and practiced by millions around the world today.  November is an opportunity to celebrate the Hindu way of life, examine its impact and contributions to world culture, and recognize values which promote compassion, tolerance, and inclusion.

The theme this year selected by the TDSB Hindu Heritage Month Volunteer Planning Committee is:  Bhoomi Devi:  Our Sacred Mother Earth. Hinduism has a message of spiritual connectedness and oneness of the whole creation. Everything in creation, living and non-living, is seen as a manifestation of one supreme universal consciousness or cosmic energy. Hindu way of living, of being and of knowing emphasizes coexistence with nature in peace and harmony. The earth is honoured as Bhumata (mother earth) or Bhudevi (Earth as divine mother) - the divine creative force of nature.

Human interaction with mother nature is guided by remembering the law of karma (what we do to others, comes back to us) and Rtam (nature's own rhythms). Prakriti or nature, as mother, is seen as having a right to being protected - as opposed to humans having rights to use nature, as a commodity. Hindus are asked to interact with nature with a sense of reverence and gratitude, following dharma (our awareness about our duties to others, living and non-living) and Ahimsa, doing least harm.

We encourage everyone to learn and enjoy the outdoors

Indigenous Education Month 

November is Indigenous Education Month at the Toronto District School Board. This month is an important reminder to centre First Nations, Métis, and Inuit perspectives, voices, histories, and contemporary realities across the TDSB. It is an opportunity to learn from Indigenous perspectives on treaties, Indigenous leadership, achievements, resurgence, futurities, and creativity. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada: Calls to Action is a strategic direction in the Board.

Throughout November, students, staff, and community members honour a number of important days to deepen knowledge, to learn from our shared history, and to build stronger relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Peoples.

Treaties Recognition Week is the first full week of  November 7th-11th.

November 7 is International Inuit Day

November 8 is National Indigenous Veterans Day

November 16 is Louis Riel Day in Ontario.

Progress Reports

Providing information to families about the progress that students are making for each subject strand and learning skills/work habits is the focus of the Progress Report.  Progress Reports will go home on Tuesday, November 15.  Check your child's backpack for a large brown envelope.  Parent/Teacher Conferences are scheduled for Thursday, November 17 after school and from 8-11:30 on Friday, November 18.  Please check with your child's homeroom for specific times and to sign-up.


All families received an TDSB email regarding tutoring opportunities.  At Winchester we have organized 2 days per week. Monday or Tuesday.  Beginning on Week of November 7 and concluding the week of December 19. 

Monday or Tuesday:  8:15-9:15 or 3:30-4:30

More information will be posted on Dojo and emailed to families.  Families can sign-up. 

Winchester November Dates to Remember:

November 11 – Remembrance Day

November 15 – Progress Reports go home

November 17/November 18 – Parent/Teacher Conferences (after school on Nov. 17; morning Nov. 18)

November 18 – PA Day – no school for students 

October 2022

Welcome to October and to Fall Winchester Families!

It’s hard to believe we have been at school for just over 3 weeks!

In September classes were reintroduced to the Zones of Regulations, Community Circles, and Centres. The Resource Team has been visiting classes and supporting homeroom teachers set up these foundational pieces. September saw the return of extra curricular activities! Currently running are the following: Cross Country, Boys and Girls Soccer, Boys and Girls Volleyball, Music Club, Library Helpers, and Ecco Club. Coaches will announce the meets and tournaments. Watch for more clubs and sports!

October brings the start cooler weather, fall and Heritage Months!

Islamic Heritage Month
The Toronto District School Board proudly recognizes Islamic Heritage Month during the month of October. This recognition follows the motion passed by the Board of Trustees on June 22, 2016. Our main theme for the month is Reflect. Celebrate. Learn.
Islamic Heritage Month has been recognized across Canada in different ways since October 2007. In November 2016, the Province of Ontario established October as Islamic History Month through the Islamic Heritage Month Act, and further stated that “proclaiming a month to be Islamic Heritage Month in Ontario will provide all Ontarians, both today and in future generations, with an opportunity to reflect, celebrate, and learn about the rich and longstanding Islamic history in the Province and the diverse roles and contributions of Muslim people in communities across Ontario. This new understanding will in turn help combat anti-Islamic sentiment."

The Islamic Heritage Month poster will be shared with all schools in TDSB and highlights some of the important contributions that Muslims have made to the world throughout history. The poster includes an image of an Astrolabe, which was used to tell time, calculate the sunset and sunrise, and helped individuals to navigate on land and sea.

Somali Heritage Month
The Toronto District School Board proudly recognizes Somali Heritage Month in October. The TDSB has been marking Somali Heritage Month since June 2016, and we continue to expand on the selected theme Educate. Elevate. Excel.

In October 2020, the Government of Ontario proclaimed Somali Heritage Week Act, 2020. "By proclaiming the week of June 25 through July 1 as Somali Heritage Week, the Province of Ontario recognizes the economic, political, social and cultural achievements and contributions of Somali Canadians in all aspects of Ontario society. Like many refugees and immigrants who have made Ontario their home, Somali Canadians are proud to be part of diverse communities across the province."

All schools and Board offices will receive the Somali Heritage Month poster and presenters will address students and staff throughout the month on topics related to Somali heritage.

Please follow us on Twitter at SomaliHM@TDSB for daily content.

TDSB Heritage Months can be found at :

October Dates to Remember:
Oct. 5 – World Teacher Day
Oct. 5 -- Yom Kippur
Oct. 7 – PA Day – no school for students
Oct. 10 – Thanksgiving and World Mental Health Day – no school for students
Oct. 12 -- Virtual SAC Meeting 7:30 p.m.
October 16-20 – Anti-Bullying Awareness & Prevention
October 20 – Curriculum Night – more information to come
October 22-24 – Diwali

September 2022 

Happy First Day Winchester!

We hope the first day went well 😊

We are resending the email distributed on Friday, September 2 – in case you missed it along with a couple of reminders!

Thank you for your patience and support as we work through the entry and dismissal process.

This communication is also going home via email to all families -- where you can find the attachments.


Safely dismissing students is our priority--
• Students will be dismissed from their line-up areas only. Please walk to the line-up area to pick up your child.
• Please wait until the school yard has cleared before using the playscape and other areas of the schoolyard.
• After School Clubs and Bussed Student meet on the Basketball Court
• Driving to school – please do not block traffic. Park on Prospect St., Ontario Street or Rose Avenue to drop off your child (see the map for details).

Thank you for your support! See you on Thursday, September 8, Day 2.

Email sent out on Friday, September 2, 2022

Below are details regarding, entry and dismissal times and location, recess, lunchtime routines, the lunch program, COVID-19 protocols, where to find your child’s class on the first day, and a checklist to help everyone prepare for the return to school.

Attached is the 2022-23 School Year Calendar, Entry/Dismissal Map and for those in Gr. 6-8, a parent permission letter to leave school property at lunchtime, and School Cash Online Parent Handout.

Please check out the helpful links, especially This TDSB website helps families navigate Health & Safety, Transportation (bussing) and other important information.

If you have further questions, please contact the Main Office at 416-393-270 between 8:30-4:00 (the school is closed Labour Day) or use the emails below, and we are happy to help. Need up-to-date TDSB information?

Looking forward to a wonderful school year – see you on Wednesday, September 7,

Grace Wong, Office Administrator, , Dita Petr, Clerical,
DeAndra Mitchell, Vice Principal, , Rita Tsiotsikas, Principal,

What to expect at school -- 2022-23 School Year
Entry/Dismissal Times:

Entry: Kindergarten – Gr. 6: 9:14 Gr. 7-8: 9:10
Dismissal: Kindergarten – 3:20; Gr. 1-6 -- 3:30; Gr. 7-8 -- 3:24
Lunch Hour: Kindergarten – 11:40-12:48; Gr. 1-6 11:50-12:48; Gr. 7-8 11:44-12:45
Recess: Gr. 1-6 10:50 and 2:30

COVID 19 Protocols
• Masks are optional – all schools are mask friendly environment
• HEPA filters will remain in classrooms and windows will be open
• Handwashing will be encouraged – see below “A Daily Checklist” for more information
• Want up to date TDSB information regarding COVID-19? Check out
• Toronto Public Health Information:

Who is my child’s teacher and where do I find the class?
Your child’s room number and class is at the start of this letter. Classes line-up and are dismissed in two locations, by room number. Look for pylons with room numbers for the first few days:
1. Tennis Court – K-Gr. 4/5:
• SK-Gr. 4/5 enter at Winchester Street gates and proceed to Tennis Court (see attached map)
• Kindergarten 1st row: Rm. 2, 3, 4, 5; 2nd row Gr. 1/2: Rm. 6, 8, 10; Gr. 2: Rm. 9; 3rd row Gr. 3: Rm. 7, 14; 4th row Gr. 4/5: Rm. 11, 13
2. Court Yard -- Gr.5/6- Gr. 7/8:
• Gr. 5/6-8 enter at Ontario Street gates and proceed to Court Yard (see attached map)
• Gr. 5/6: Rm. 102; Gr. 7/8: Rm. 202, 204, 205, 206, 207, 208, 209

Home/School Communication:
All schools in TDSB use PowerSchool (email system -- NEW) to send home messages to families and Winchester also uses ClassDojo to communicate with families – please download the app:

Your child’s teacher will also send home an invitation to the specific classroom Dojo account. Please ensure the Main Office has up-to-date email address and contact information for your family to ensure you receive up-to-date information via PowerSchool.

September Packages – Start of Year Packages:
Start of Year Packages also known as “September Packages” are forms that must be signed by families each year. Some of the forms include medical information, excursion forms, media release and of course contact information for families. These forms are emailed to families by TDSB – please check your email, and complete the forms as soon as possible (deadline: Sept. 14), please update contact information. If you are new to this process – please watch this ‘how to video’ to complete the forms:

Pick-up/drop-off? Safety is our priority!
Leaving early? Arriving Late? Is your child going home with someone other than a parent/or person on the dismissal list? No problem – notify the Teacher and the Main Office.
Not taking the Bus or not attending the Afterschool program? Please let the Teacher, Main Office and the After School Program know as soon as possible – this prevents confusion at the end of day. Bus Monitors take attendance for the Bus, as do the Afterschool programs. Please note: Central Neighbourhood House and other After School Programs and Agencies run independently from Winchester – they must be notified by families directly.
Transportation -- Students Taking the School Bus:
• Phased Start – first bus will be Monday, September 12
• COVID Protocols in place by service provider: seating by cohorts, open windows, bus is sanitized
• Parents/guardians can access their children’s information by signing up on the Transportation Portal and can subscribe to the email notification for late buses.
• Students must have an OEN before they can register on the portal. This means JK and students new to the system will not be able to register until one is provisioned.
• We anticipate that students’ specific route information will be available during the week of August 22. However, we encourage parents/guardians to check back regularly as routes may change before the start of school.
• To access your child’s transportation information, please visit the Transportation Portal, email or call 647-790-3829.
• General transportation information is located on TSTG’s website at and answers to many questions can be found on the FAQ page

What’s happening for lunch?
• Kindergarten- eat in their classes and will have outdoor time with the DECE. Please check with classroom staff for details specific to each class. Want to take your child home for lunch? No problem – organize with the classroom staff.
• Gr. 1- Gr. 4/5 students will be eating in their classrooms and going outside for Lunch Recess. There is a staggered lunch; one group is outside, while the other group is inside eating. The groups swap at 12:20. Heritage Building First lunch 11:50-12:20: Gr. 1-2 are eating inside classrooms, supervised by Lunchroom Supervisors. At 12:20, students are dismissed outside for Lunchtime recess. Second Lunch: Gr. 3-4/5 go inside to eat lunch at 12:20, supervised by Lunchroom Supervisors.
• New Building: Gr. 5/6 eat in their classrooms, supervised by lunchroom Supervisor, and go outside at 12:20 for Lunchtime Recess. Gr.6-8 can go home on their own or go off school property (eat at locale restaurants), however, there are no in/out privileges, students return to school at 12:45. Students in Gr. 6-8 going off school property must stay within the Winchester Parameters: Wellesley Street, west to Sherbourne, East to Parliament, south to Carlton. Please ensure you discuss with your child where they can go for lunch, sharing locations with teacher is advised. If students are late returning and/or not staying in the parameters, they can loose their off school property privileges. Gr. 6-8 please complete the parent ppermission to go off school property – attached to this letter. Return to your child’s teacher on the first day of school – September 7.

Hot Lunch/Snack Program:
• Paper bag lunches will be available beginning Monday, September 12 for JK-Gr. 8. JK-Gr. 6 lunches are delivered to classrooms by the Lunchroom Supervisor. Cost is: $3 per day. Hot Lunch is available Monday-Thursday. If interested in participating please email Ms. Charmyne. Ms. Charmyne will be sending out the menu each month.
• Snack Program will begin in October. It is a pantry program consisting of a fruit, grain and dairy/dairy alternative and is delivered to the classrooms. Cost is: $6 per month. Email Ms. Charmyne for details:
• Families are welcomed to send litterless lunches and snacks each day –no sharing food please due to food allergies

School Cash Online:
Pay for the Lunch Program, Snack Program, Field Trip or Winchester swag – use School Cash On-Line! Please sign up -- A parent step by step guide is attached.

• Students in Gr. 1-6 will be outside at 10:50, 2:30 and at lunchtime recess – please dress for the weather

Gym/Music/STEM and other rotary subjects?
Students will be moving to other classes throughout the day (i.e., Gym, Music etc.) Please see your child’s timetable for specifics.

Extra-Curricular Activities?

Cross Country Gr. 1-8-- watch for information

Boys, Girls Soccer Gr. 4-8 - watch for information 

Music Club 5-8 -- watch for information 

A Daily Checklist – to help families get organized:
• Pack a full water bottle, litterless lunch and snacks daily – please note sharing of food is not permitted due to food allergies (Hot Lunch starts on: Monday, September 12; Snack Program starts: October)
• Pack school supplies, such as crayons and scissors, although sharing is permitted with classmates, your child may wish to avoid sharing
• Dress your child in weather appropriate clothing; students will be outdoors, regardless of weather
• Primary students may wish to have a change of clothing
• Send indoor shoes during inclement weather and winter months
• Make sure your contact information is up to date, including emergency contacts and individuals authorized to pick up your child from school
• Daily TDSB Health Pass are no longer required, however, we should continue to monitor for symptoms.
For more information see the Toronto Public Health Website:
• If you family chooses to wear masks, please send multiple snug and comfortable masks and a paper bag for soiled masks
• Review and practice proper hand washing techniques at home, especially before and after eating, sneezing, coughing
• Worried about the first day of school? Watch this with your child – “Always with You. Always with Me” then create ways that you are an inseparable pair:

School-Wide Approach to Academics, Mental-Health and Wellness, Equity:

Reading Skills: focus is on developing reading skills, comprehension and a love of reading.
Math: Developing numeracy skills, real-life practical application, problem solving and financial literacy.
Mental Health & Wellness begins with kindness, caring, and inclusion. We use The Zones of Regulation, Community Circle and Restorative Practices to support friendships, self-regulation, and problem-solving. Classes co-create rules and hold community circles to discuss and explore social skills, and self-regulation, and foster friendships. We believe that Winchester is a family, and being part of a family, means we support each other, work through problems, and encourage students to be their best selves.
Equity: Winchester has been learning and working with several outside agencies, TDSB partners, and The Centre of Excellence for Black Student Achievement to create a supportive and inclusive class and school environment. We have an Inclusion Committee that helps guide the work with staff, students, and families. In classrooms, we begin the year with identify and exploring everyone’s unique skills and strengths.


June is about Indigenous History Monday, Italian and Portuguese-Speaking Heritage Month. June is also about PRIDE and the 7 Teachings Truth.

As we enter into the last 4 weeks of school, we want to take time to thank …

… Winchester School Advisory Council for all their work to support our students and school

…Winchester families for your ongoing support throughout another uncertain year

…Winchester students for doing their best every day

…Winchester staff for their commitment to our students, families and community. 

Do you have a student joining Winchester for JK/SK and want some resources for the summer -- check this out! Early Reading Strategies for Families:

June is about …

National Indigenous History Month

June is National Indigenous History Month and June 21st is National Indigenous Peoples Day, a time to celebrate and learn from First Nations, Métis and Inuit people about the diverse cultures, histories, experiences, creations, perspectives, and achievements.

All month long, the UIEC is hosting several events and celebrations with Dr. Elder Duke Redbird, Dr. Pamela Palmater, Ange Loft, David A. Robertson, Becky Han and others, along with Two-Spirit & Indigiqueer Pride.

During the month of June, the TDSB recognizes National Indigenous Peoples Day, which is celebrated on Tuesday, June 21. This year, UIEC will have a board-wide virtual celebration on Friday, June 17.

This is a day of significance for many Indigenous Peoples in the country we call Canada today. It marks the day when the Sun is closest to the Earth. It is the longest day of the year and the shortest night. Many First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples celebrate the Summer Solstice. It is a time that reminds us to remain grounded, humble and appreciative. It is usually celebrated by coming together with family and community for a feast. Traditional foods are an important aspect of the feast as they signify connection to the land and animals.

Pride Month

June is Pride Month at the TDSB! It's an opportunity to celebrate diversity and raise awareness among all staff and students about the rich culture and history of our 2SLGBTQIA+ community.

To launch Pride Month, Director of Education Colleen Russell-Rawlins shared a message to 2SLGBTQIA+ students and staff and our entire TDSB community: Happy Pride! Message from the TDSB Director of Education

Italian Heritage Month

Italian Heritage Month has been proudly recognized during the month of June at the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) since a motion was passed by the Board of Trustees on May 16, 2012.  The Province of Ontario also marks Italian Heritage Month as a result of Italian Heritage Month Act being passed in 2010. 

As stated in the Italian Heritage Act, 2010, "Ontario is home to more than 1,350,000 Italian Canadians. Since the 1880s, the Italian Canadian Community has made and continues to make significant contributions to the growth and prosperity of the Province of Ontario". 

This year the selected theme for Italian Heritage Month is Buongiorno Italia!  Keeping with this lens, to mark Italian Heritage Month at the TDSB during the month of June, the Italian Heritage Month Volunteer Planning Committee members have put together various ways to for students, staff and the TDSB community to learn about the Italian heritage.  Please enjoy L’Alfabeto Italiano” e book:

Please view our PowerPoint on the Italian Heritage.   Also posted (to follow) are selected images from our students Creative Arts Challenge and a video called Buongiorno Italia!

Portuguese-Speaking Heritage Month

Portuguese-Speaking Heritage Month is proudly recognized during the month of June at the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) since 2011. The Province of Ontario passed the Celebration of Portuguese Heritage Act in 2001

This year our theme is Andorinha! Watch us Soar! The contributions of the Portuguese-Speaking Heritage community to Canada are significant as they include the arts, sports, music, culinary arts, and many professional contributions to educational and medical service areas. Canadians, along with all TDSB students, staff, and its communities and beyond all enjoy the energetic and vibrant traditions that are shared through the customs of this heritage. Over 1,400 TDSB students speak Portuguese as their mother tongue or as a primary language. Internationally, there are 250 million Portuguese-speaking people worldwide, making it the fifth-most spoken language.

This year we are thrilled to share with you that the annual Portuguese Parade will once again take place!  Everyone is invited to celebrate on Saturday, June 11 starting at 11:00 am at Lansdowne & Crawford 

End of Year Reminders:

Class Placements for September 2022 – Students returning to Winchester on September 7, 2022, will receive their class placement September 1-2.  A School Messenger email will go home to students and families September 1-2 with a room number and details on where to meet the class on the first day, along with what you need to know for the first week of school.

Report Cards – Term 2 Report Cards will go home with students on the last day of school.  Please check your child(ren) backpack(s) for a large brown envelope.

Dates to Remember –

June 3 – PA Day no school for students

June 30 – Last day of school for students

Parent/Guardian and Student Online Survey – Week of May 30

The TDSB will be surveying both parents/caregivers (JK to Grade 12) and students (a sample of Grades 7 to 12) during the week of May 30 to learn more about mental health and well-being and student learning during this past school year. Students in select primary and junior classes will participate in a conversation with their classroom teacher to share their thoughts and feedback. 

Please watch for an email with a link to the survey and/or check the TDSB website.

Thank you in advance for your participation.


May is about …
  • Asian Heritage,
  • Jewish Heritage and
  • 7 Teachings, Humility

Please check in with your child's teacher to see how each class is learning about and recognizing each of these important events. Wishing everyone a happy May!

Winchester Wellness Week is BACK!  A week filled with activities focused on healthy minds and healthy bodies.  Outside agencies visit, organize activities and share how to get connected outside of school.  Some of the programs scheduled are Cricket Demonstrations, MLSE Launchpad, Wellesley Community Centre, Red Cross Safe @ Home and Baby Sitting, Lumenus Self-regulation and Friendship Skills, Future Possibilities for Kids, ExtraEd with multi-sport, SquareCircle Juggling and Acrobatics, Green Thumbs, 123 Yoga Mindfulness, TurningPoint Youth Centre, Author Presentation Nadia Hohn, Leacock Foundation Literacy and Leadership and the Toronto Public Library -- it is going to be an amazing week! 

Asian Heritage Month:
Asian Heritage Month is recognized formally throughout Canada through an official declaration that was signed in May 2002. We are proud to celebrate the numerous achievements of Asian-Canadians and their significant role on the global stage. This year our theme is Many Voices United as One The TDSB is the largest and one of the most diverse school boards in Canada. Nearly one-quarter of our students were born outside of Canada and collectively we speak more than 120 languages. According to the 2017 TDSB Student & Parent Census 40% of TDSB students self-identified as Asian.

Jewish Heritage Month:
TDSB recognizes May as Jewish Heritage Month in recognition of the significant contributions and achievements of Jewish Canadians and communities throughout the world.

Throughout the month of May, TDSB’s Jewish Heritage Month Committee and the Ontario Jewish Archives are offering a lively and historical guided walking tour of Kensington Market to Grade 6 and 7 TDSB students in honour of Jewish Heritage Month.

“A Trip to the Market” is an engaging exploration of the history, music and architecture the market has to offer. This opportunity will connect students to a significant part of Toronto’s local history as a destination for new immigrant groups.

The walking tour focuses on the stories of Toronto’s early Jewish community, largely immigrants from Eastern Europe. TDSB’s TUSC (Toronto Urban Studies Centre) staff will guide the groups through the sites, smells, and sounds of the market. Destinations include historical homes, former businesses, and culminates at the beautiful and historic Kiever Synagogue.

Dates to Remember:
Eid May 1-2 (Eid Mubarak!),
SAC Meeting May 4 @ 7 pm.
Gr. 8 Grad Photo Re-Takes May 6
Mother’s Day May 8,
Unlearn, Parent Workshop May 10 @ 7 p.m.
International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia May 17,

Wellness Week -- May 16-20 Fun Activities focused on Healthy Minds and Bodies! 

Victoria Day May 23,
Lumenus Parent Workshop May 25 @ 7 p.m. (this was reschedule from the original date of April 27)


It feels like Spring is finally here! With the easing of health protocols and COVID restrictions, the school is beginning to look and feel pre-pandemic.  Classes are planning field trips, extra-curricular are slowly returning and students have been going outside in grade groups for lunchtime recess. For details, please check with your child’s teacher.

April also brings Ramadan, 7 Teaching Wisdom, Latin-American History Month, Sikh Heritage Month and Easter.  Please see more on these important events below and check in with your child’s class to see what classes are learning.  Wishing everyone a wonderful month!

Below are April happenings and reminders. 


The beginning of April marks the first week of Ramadan - one of the holiest months in the Islamic Calendar. During the month of Ramadan, Muslims around the world abstain from food and water from sunrise to sunset for 29-30 consecutive days.

When does Ramadan start and end? Muslims follow the lunar calendar and, as a result, the timing of Ramadan (9th lunar month) shifts a little bit each year. This year, the evening of April 2 will signal the beginning of Ramadan. Due to the diversity within the Muslim community, some individuals may begin marking Ramadan, including fasting, a day before or after their peers.

What does it mean to fast? Muslims will refrain from eating and drinking from dawn (i.e. the first appearance of light on the horizon) to sunset. Families will have a pre-dawn meal and then an evening meal to break the fast. Not all Muslims fast. Some may choose not to fast for personal reasons. If someone tells you they are not fasting, respect their privacy and do not ask them why. Along with fasting, many Muslims use Ramadan as an opportunity to focus on spiritual growth. Muslims are encouraged to focus on improving qualities of good character and trying to assist those less fortunate through acts of charity.

The end of Ramadan – Eid al-Fitr is celebrated at the end of Ramadan and is one of the most significant Islamic holidays. In 2022, Muslims who mark Eid will celebrate on either May 2nd or 3rd.

Wishing Winchester Families observing Ramadan a blessed month of peach.  Ramadan Mubarak!

April Heritage Month/History Month:

Latin-America History Month is proudly recognized at the Toronto District School Board during the month of April. This year our theme is (DeColonizing) Latin-America History Month & Beyond: Learning about our collective pasts through the art of healing. All students, staff, and community members are invited to attend a virtual launch celebration to kick-off the month!  Join us to learn about Latin-America through music, spoken word, and much more! Details  on the flyer:

TDSB Latin-America Month Virtual Launch Celebration

Wednesday, April 6, 2022        
1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Sikh Heritage Month is proudly recognized at the Toronto District School Board during the month of April. 

This year our theme is Come to learn, go to serve; the goal of education is to serve humanity. As part of the celebrations to mark Sikh Heritage Month, all students, staff, and community members are invited to attend the TDSB Sikh Heritage Month Virtual Celebration.  Details are on the flyer

TDSB Sikh Heritage Month Virtual Launch Celebration

Wednesday, April 6, 2022
9:30 am – 10:30 am

7 Teaching for April: Wisdom

Dates to Remember:

April 2 – Ramadan Begins

April 6 – School Advisory Council Meeting – 7 p.m watch for the Zoom Link

April 15/18 – Easter Weekend – no school

April 15-23 -- Passover

April 24 -- Orthodox Easter

April 27 – Workshop for Families Presented by Lumenus 7-8 p.m. Self-Regulation/Friendships/Bullying Awareness and How to Support Students at Home.   Watch for the Zoom Link.-- rescheduled for May!  

MARCH 2022

With March comes the feeling that Spring is around the corner! Looking forward to warmer weather and ice-free surfaces! Go warm weather!

Please see some March Updates below:

Rapid Antigen Kits:

Winchester receives another shipment of Rapid Antigen Kits -- we are currently packaging them up and will be sending them home with students in time for March Break! Watch for the larger brown envelopes in your child's bag next week.

March Happenings:

March is about...
--Greek Heritage Month
--7 Teachings -- Honesty

Greek Heritage Month:
The Toronto District School Board is proud to recognize Greek Heritage Month (GHM) during the month of March.

During the month of March, several activities will be shared to mark GHM. A poster contest was held and all students from the Toronto District School Board were invited to submit images that best reflected this year’s theme. The selected images are posted below.

The theme for this year is based on healthy living:

“Harmony of Life - Healthy Mind, Healthy Body”

“Αρμονια της Zωης - Νους υγιης εν σωματι υγιει”

Visit the GHM website for information and resources.

This year’s website includes “Word of the Day” and “Daily Announcements” along with featured focussed days with activities.

“Movement Mondays”

“Travelling Tuesdays”

“Wellness Wednesdays”

“Thoughtful Thursdays”

“Foodie Fridays”

Dates to Remember:

March 8 -- International Women's Day
March 9 -- Unlearn Parent Workshop 7 p.m. (flyer and zoom link attached)
March 14-18 -- March Break -- No school for students!
March 25 -- Gr. 8 Graduation Photos

Looking to keep the kids busy over the March Break?

Check out...

Square Circle Juggling/Clown/Acrobatics Camp in the Regent Park Community Centre
FREE Camp for students 9-14 9-3 p.m. Monday-Friday
for more information: 647-775-8182

Math Literacy March Break Camp -- Leacock Foundation
FREE Camp for students Gr. 1-6
for more information: 416-489-9309


Welcome to February Winchester!

February is about Courage (7 Teachings), African Heritage Month, Chinese Heritage Month, Term 1 Report Cards, Virtual Parent/Teacher Conferences, Valentines' and Family Day. What a month!!

Below are TDSB opportunities Winchester students may participate in, such as the African Heritage Month Kick-Off assembly TODAY at 2 p.m. the link IS below; The attached slide deck for Chinese Heritage Month, as well as Winchester’s virtual monthly assembly. Happy February Winchester!

African Heritage Month:

During the month of February, the Toronto District School Board proudly recognizes African Heritage Month. It is an occasion to celebrate the many achievements and contributions of peoples of African descent to Canada and the world. The chosen theme for 2021-2022 is NIA: Walking in Our Purpose.
The first Black Canadian woman elected to Parliament, the Honourable Jean Augustine, introduced a motion to recognize February as Black History Month. The motion was carried unanimously by the House of Commons. In December 1995, the House of Commons officially recognized February as Black History Month in Canada. At the Toronto District School Board, a motion to recognize African Heritage (Black History) Month was carried in January 2002 and reaffirmed again in January 2004.

There were almost 1.2 million Black people living in Canada in 2016. The Black population is diverse and has a long and rich history in Canada. This dates back as early as 1608 with Mathieu De Costa who came from Holland to Canada to work as a French interpreter. There was also a large settlement of Blacks in New French in and around 1734 with Marie Joseph Angelique. During the 1850’s and 1860’s many Blacks fled to Canada from the United States seeking refuse from enslavement because of the Trans Atlantic Trade.

Among the Black population born outside of Canada, the source countries of immigration have changed over time. More than half of this population who immigrated before 1981 were born in Jamaica and Haiti. Black newcomers now come from about 125 different countries, mainly from continent of Africa.

The African Heritage Month Volunteer Planning Committee continues to name, notice, and disrupt anti-Black racism through their organized initiatives shared throughout the TDSB and commitment to hold space for Black students, staff, parents, and families, to heal, to celebrate and to thrive. We are excited to share more information about African Heritage Month

During the month of February, several activities are being planned and they include a virtual launch to kick-off African Heritage Month as all staff, students and the TDSB community are invited to attend! We are especially proud of the establishment of a scholarship fund, called Know Your Worth Scholarship. The African Heritage Month Volunteer Planning Committee’s goal is to award three scholarships annually, specifically, the first award, named “Kujichagulia”; which means “Self-determination”, celebrates students who accomplish academic excellence. The second financial award is titled “Kuumba”; which means Creativity. The students use art, in its many forms, including environmental stewardship, to express themselves. The third financial award, Umoja; which means “Unity”, calls for us to strive for and maintain unity in the family, community, nation, and race. This award allows for student applicants to demonstrate their leadership at school or in their community. Supporting our students in a substantial and meaningful way in their first year of life at a post-secondary institution is important to us. Your donation to the Know Your Worth Scholarship fund is welcome, and all on-line donations are tax deductible. Additionally, all cheque donations of $25.00 and greater qualify for tax receipts.
Additional activities for students include: Know Your Worth “Black Youth Empowerment” Conference: Standing in Our Truth and the further expansion of the Black Student Alliances across our schools including a celebration of students for their exceptional work!

For our staff, a Know Your Worth Educators’ Conference - Resilience: Building Visions of Black Excellence has been organized.
Follow us on Twitter @tdsbAFricanHM and Instagram @tdsb_african_hm.

African Heritage Month Virtual Celebration Launch

Date: Tuesday, February 1, 2022
Time: 2:00 pm – 2:45 pm

Everyone is welcome to join for a virtual celebration that includes speakers and entertainment.

Chinese Heritage Month:

The Toronto District School Board is proud to recognize Chinese Heritage Month (CHM) during the month of February.

This year CHM coincides with one of the most important Chinese celebrations, the Lunar New Year which begins on Tuesday, February 1st. Lunar New Year is also known as the spring festival and begins with the first moon of the lunar calendar and ends on the first moon of the lunar calendar 15 days later. We encourage everyone to participate and make our Chinese Heritage Month spectacular. This year’s theme is YEAR OF THE TIGER– Brave, Compassionate, Adventurous, and Optimistic.

During the month of February, several activities will be shared to mark CHM. A poster contest was held and all students from the Toronto District School Board were invited to submit images that best reflected this year’s theme. The selected images are posted at

All students and staff were invited to share their stories through the Chinese Canadian Memory Minute initiative To learn about Chinese Heritage a power point (see attached) was created highlighting the symbolism for various foods that are shared at festivals celebrated by Chinese Canadians. Further a Kahoots Trivia challenge was developed by CHM members for students to explore their Chinese heritage knowledge.

Please follow TDSB on twitter @tdsbChineseHM

Dates to Remember:
February 1 – Lunar New Year!
February 1 – African Heritage and Chinese Heritage Month
February 15 – Report Cards go home
February 17 – After School Virtual Parent/Teacher Conferences (reach out to your child’s Homeroom Teacher for more information)
February 18 – a.m. Virtual Parent/Teacher Conferences (reach out to your child’s Homeroom Teacher for more information)
February 21 – Family Day – No School for Students


Happy New Year -- Welcome to 2022!

We go into 2022 with hope and optimism and look forward to more consistency for our students and families.  

Updated COVID Protocols

1. Complete a Daily Health Screening (attached) before arriving to school -- IF your child or anyone at home has symptoms, even mild ones, please stay home and follow the isolation guidelines -- page 3 of the Health Pass or use this link:

2. Dress for the weather -- students will be outside for mask breaks, physical activity, and waiting in the screening line-up before entering the schoolyard. Windows will be open in classrooms, so layers are recommended.

3. Busses -- will be running on the first day, however, given the weather, and anticipated driver shortages, please check the "Parent Portal" before leaving home in the morning. Remember IF the bus is canceled for the morning, it will be canceled for the afternoon pick-up as well. Apologies in advance --

4. After School Programs -- Boys and Girls Clubs Kiwanis, Wellesley Community Centre, Buds and Blossoms, Central Neighbourhood House, and other after-school programs, are outside agencies -- please check with them directly to determine if they are operating on Monday, January 17. This may impact your child's pick-up at the end of the day.

5. Deciding to keep your child home short term -- If, families decide to keep their child home, please notify your child's homeroom teacher. As per the TDSB email on Thursday evening and the Friday Dojo post -- the online platform used during virtual learning will be updated regularly, if families connect with the teacher and/or use the online platform, students will be marked 'present.' We will use "G" day to indicate the student is not physically at school, however, an absence will not be recorded.  Please complete the Short Term Virtual Learning Form 

6. Masks -- please ensure your child has a well-fitted, 3-ply mask, and replacement masks in case they become soiled during the day. The school has medical masks and has received a shipment of cloth masks for students.

7. Rapid Antigen Tests and PCR Tests -- we are waiting for information on when this program will become available and how it will operate. Once that information has been received we will share it with the Winchester Community.

8. TPH Letter For Families re: Re-opening:

Thank you very much for your patience and support as we all work together to ensure our school is a safe place for our students and staff.

December 3-January 7 -- Switch Forms

A reminder, that if considering switching to virtual learning for the remainder of the school year -- the deadline to submit the switch form is today at midnight. The link to frequently asked questions along with the Switch Form is below.

The Switch Form for elementary students (Kindergarten to Grade 8) was open from Friday, December 3, 2021 to Friday, January 7, 2022 (midnight). Families and students who do not wish to make a change do not need to complete a form. Classes will reflect changes due to switches beginning on February 22, 2022.

Stay safe and stay well Winchester!


A B-I-G Winchester thank you to our parent community for your support and patience throughout 2021! A special THANK YOU to our amazing SAC, who work hard to make great things happen for our school and students. Thank you also to our staff who are committed to our students. We look to 2022 with hope and optimism.

Before we head into the holidays, and into the New Year, below are a few updates and reminders.

Enjoy a safe and happy holiday!

Winchester is saying Good Bye, Hello and Welcome Back to the following staff members…

…Ms. Paulette Ferguson, has been part of the Winchester Staff for over 20 years and supported staff and students through the role of Inclusion Teacher. Ms. Ferguson is promoted to Vice Principal and is leaving to join the King Edward School Community. We wish Ms. Ferguson continued success in the new role! We are currently looking to fill some pretty big shoes!

…Ms. Marina Pantalone, who has been the homeroom teacher for Grade 7-8, Rm. 207 since September 2021 is moving cities and leaving Winchester. We wish Ms. Panatalone well at the new school. We welcome Ms. Claudia Banda Marin who will assume the role of homeroom teacher in Rm. 207 on January 3, 2022. Welcome to Winchester Ms. Banda Marin!

…Mr. Yann Myslowski, who has been the homeroom teacher for Gr. 7-8, Rm. 202 since September 2021 is leaving to pursue other opportunities. We wish Mr. Myslowski well in 2022. Ms. Jennifer Penman will be returning to Room 202 and returns the role of homeroom teacher in Room 202. Welcome back Ms. Penman!

…Welcome back to Mme Vanessa Williams, ECE returning to Room 2! Thank you to Mme. Fadumo Handulle, ECE currently in Room 2, who moves to Room 5, replacing Mme Ayoga. Mme Ayoga left early in December to welcome a new addition to the family. Congratulations Mme Ayoga.

…Welcome to Winchester, Mme Samiea Bashir, Lunchroom Supervisor in the Heritage Building 2nd floor.

…Welcome to Ms. Leah Berson-Weinberg, who is providing Gym, Music and Dance SK-Gr. 8 on Day 5! Ms. Berson-Weinberg joined us in November.

…Welcome to Mr. Ben Kronick, who is the homeroom teacher for our new Gr. 7-8 English class. Mr. Kronick joined us on October 12.


School Close: Monday, December 20-Friday, December 31
School Re-Opens: Monday, January 3, 2022
Thank you in advance, for completing a health screening prior to arriving to school on Monday, January 3. We hope all families will take advantage of the Rapid Antigen Screening Tests sent home this week – please use the kits throughout the holidays, as this will make returning to school safer for all.

Switching Modes of Learning
Reminder that IF families wish to switch between virtual or in-person learning the deadline is January 7, 2022. All families received a TDSB email with a link and instructions. For more information and to complete the form, please visit:

COVID-19 Updates:

Protocols and/or restrictions continue to change -- stay updated and safe by checking the Toronto Public Health website for current information:

TDSB Updates over the holidays: any updates made by TDSB will be emailed to families directly by TDSB, and will be reposted by Winchester on Class Dojo School Story.

Travel Requirements continue to change – If traveling, please check the government updates:

Looking for a Rapid Antigen Test over the Holidays ...


Welcome to November Winchester Families!

Welcome to a new month! Below are some updates and happenings. Please connect with your child’s ClassDojo for updates and what is happening in individual classes.

November is about:
-Grandfather Teaching – Respect
-Hindu Heritage Month
-Indigenous Education Month

Winchester Dates to Remember:
Nov. 2 – 12+ COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic 4-6 p.m.
Nov. 9 – Photo Retakes: In-person 1-3 Virtual Students: 3:30-4 (reminders will be emailed to families)
Nov. 11 – Remembrance Day
Nov. 16 – Progress Reports go home
Nov. 18 and 19 – Parent/Teacher Conferences to discuss student progress (individual teachers will organizing – please check with your child’s teacher)
Nov. 19 – no school for students

Hindu Heritage Month

The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) is proud to recognize Hindu Heritage Month during the month of November as the Board of Trustees voted to pass a motion in April 2018 to mark this time. On December 8th, 2016, the Province of Ontario passed the Hindu Heritage Month Act by declaring that the month of November in each year is proclaimed as Hindu Heritage Month.

The Hindu Heritage Month Act states, Ontario is home to a large and vibrant Hindu community. Since the first Hindu immigrants arrived in Canada at the beginning of the 20th century, Hindu Canadians from across Ontario have made significant contributions across all fields: science, education, medicine, law, politics, business, culture and sports. Hindu Canadians have helped build Ontario into the multicultural success story that it is and have helped to build this province into the best place to live, work and raise families. They continue to help foster growth, prosperity and innovation throughout Ontario. Hinduism is one of the oldest living religions which have flourished for over 10,000 years. It is an occasion to recognize and celebrate the rich tapestry of traditions, teachings and values that are integral to Hinduism and practiced by millions around the world today. November is an opportunity to celebrate the Hindu way of life, examine its impact and contributions to the world culture, and recognize values which promote compassion, tolerance, and inclusion.

The theme this year selected by the TDSB Hindu Heritage Month Volunteer Planning Committee is Sri Rama: Epitome of love, compassion, duty, and service. Sri Rama, who lived thousands of years ago, was the 7th avatar or reincarnation of Vishnu. Rama is known as Maryada Purushottam, or a man of perfection who took birth as a human to rid the world of some evil forces who were disturbing the peace. Rama was the ideal son, ideal husband, ideal brother, ideal friend and above all the ideal king. Rama, along with his wife, Sita, are role models for how to live life full of love, compassion, duty and service. The Ramayana, the story of Rama’s life, is a great Hindu epic representing the rich cultural heritage of India. The Ramayana is also celebrated across Asia – in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Myanmar, Philippines, Japan and China as a social and cultural icon. For Hindus the word ‘Rama’ is a mantra (a sacred chant) and ‘Rama Rama’ is a common greeting, instead of ‘Hello!’.

TDSB is delighted to share with you a video on the Ramayana.

Indigenous Education Month:

November is Indigenous Education Month at the Toronto District School Board. It is important to centre First Nations, Métis and Inuit histories, contemporary realities, and voices. For classrooms across the TDSB, this is an opportunity to learn from Indigenous perspectives on treaties, Indigenous leadership, achievements, resistance and creativity.

Truth and Reconciliation is a guiding principle at the TDSB. Throughout November, students, staff and community members will engage in meaningful opportunities to learn together about our shared histories and to build stronger relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Peoples.

Days of Significance for Indigenous Education Month:

Treaties Recognition Week, November 1 - 5
International Inuit Day, November 7
Indigenous Veterans Day, November 8
Louis Riel Day, November 16


Welcome to October Winchester Families!

We hope the first 17 days of school have gone as smoothly as possible. Students seem to be adapting to the protocols and routines nicely -- thank you for your support in screening students prior to arriving to school and having a signed health pass ready for the staff at the entry screening station! Greatly appreciated! Attached is an infographic from TPH -- check it out!

Reminder: If arriving late -- please call the Main Office (416-393-1270) and staff will collect your child from outside and walk them to class. IF arriving late and the classes are entering the building -- please allow a staff member to escort your child inside, as parents are not permitted inside the building due to COVID-19 protocols. Thank you for understanding.

Below are October Happenings & Dates to Remember.

October is about ...

Islamic Heritage Month

The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) proudly recognizes Islamic Heritage Month during the month of October since our Board of Trustees passed their motion on June 22, 2016. Our main theme for the month continues to be: Reflect. Celebrate. Learn.

Canadian Islamic Heritage Month has been recognized across our nation since October 2007. Subsequently, since November 2016, the province of Ontario established October as Islamic History Month through the Islamic Heritage Month Act, "proclaiming a month to be Islamic Heritage Month in Ontario will provide all Ontarians, both today and in future generations, with an opportunity to reflect, celebrate, and learn about the rich and longstanding Islamic history in the Province and the diverse roles and contributions of Muslim people in communities across Ontario. This new understanding will turn help combat anti-Islamic sentiment."

Somali Heritage Month

The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) proudly recognizes Somali Heritage Month during the month of October. The TDSB has been marking Somali Heritage Month since June 2016, and we continue to expand on the selected theme Educate. Elevate. Excel.

In October 2020, the Government of Ontario proclaimed Somali Heritage Week Act, 2020 which will take place on June 25 through July 1.

“By proclaiming the week of June 25 through July 1 as Somali Heritage Week, the Province of Ontario recognizes the economic, political, social, and cultural achievements and contributions of Somali Canadians in all aspects of Ontario society. Like many refugees and immigrants who have made Ontario their home, Somali Canadians are proud to be part of diverse communities across the province.”

Grandfather Teachings:
Winchester has been participating in Indigenous Learning. We have been using the Grandfather Teachings to guide our learning -- the Grandfather Teaching for October is Love. Watch for posts from your child's class to hear more about our journey.

Dates to Remember:

Thanksgiving: Monday, October 11 -- no school

Photo Day: Monday, October 18 -- more information to come

SAC Meeting -- Wednesday, October 27 @ 7:30 p.m. watch for the zoom link

Happy Last Day of School Winchester Families and Students!

Welcome to the last Day – thank you to our families for all your support and patience, through a year that tested us all. Thank you to Winchester staff who worked hard to engage students both in-person and online. Winchester is fortunate to have such committed families, dedicated staff, and engaged and curious students – great work everyone! We are hopeful that as we start the new year we will emerge from the pandemic with increasing opportunities to enjoy Winchester to its fullest.

Before we head off for the summer, below are some updates and reminders. Enjoy a safe and happy summer – looking forward to seeing everyone on Thursday, September 9!

Summer Closer:
Winchester school will be closed for the summer break beginning on July 2 – and will be closed on Thursday, July 1 for Canada Day. Winchester’s Main Office will re-open on Monday, August 30.

Report Cards:
Report Cards will be mailed home via Canada Post, and emailed home through School Messenger.

Selection Forms (In-person or Virtual):
An email and repost on Dojo went out yesterday regarding Selection Forms. For more information and translations please visit:

What Class Will My Child Be in?
Because the Selection Forms will be completed mid-August, we will receive the number of students in virtual and in-person at the end of August. Student placement will occur once that information has been received. We anticipate families will receive an email through School Messenger after September 3 with class placement information, what to expect on the first few days, and updated protocols.

Toronto Public Library Summer Programs:


Welcome to June and the last few weeks of school.  It's been a challenging time for families and students due to the pandemic.  Winchester wanted to thank our community for their support over the last year -- without our families remote learning would not have been possible. Thank you for being partners in your child's education <3

During June we hold our Welcome to Winchester open house for SK students entering French Immersion and to Gr. 7 for our incoming students from Rose Avenue and other local schools. 

Find out more about Winchesters' SK French Immersion:

June is about …

Pride Month

National Indigenous Heritage Month

Portuguese-Speaking Heritage Month

Italian Heritage Month


Welcome to May!

May is Jewish and Asian Heritage Month

Learn more about TDSB Heritage Month initiatives at:

May 3-7 is Children's Mental Health Week:

Although Provincially recognized the first week of May, this year is more important than ever to bring attention to Mental Health and Wellness. Take some time to explore the family resource and learn more about supporting your child and the whole family.

Stay well, Winchester :)



April is Latin American History Month and Sikh Heritage Month

Students participated in the TDSB kick off assembly for both Latin American and Sikh Heritage month -- thank you TDSB for the amazing opportunity.

April 7 -- students pivoted to Remote Learning. The school will follow the regular school schedule. Please watch for teachers posting links to Brightspace/Google Classroom --classroom timetables will be posted on ClassDojo for families. The school has organized a time for families to pick-up devices if required. Homeroom teachers will be taking names.  Thank you for your patience!  We are in this together Winchester!

Spirit Week will continue April 5-9

Spring Break April 12-16 -- no virtual classes for student

Ramadan April 12-May 12 -- Ramadan Mubarak to our families, staff and community

Virtual Talent Show April 9 -- watch for the link -- thank you Mr. Waechter!  



Greek Heritage Month

International Day of the Elimination of Racial Discrimination -- March 21

Holi -- March 28-29

Pesach -- March 28-April 4


We returned to school on Tuesday, February 16, 2021.  It was great to see students and their families! 

New TPH Protocols

New health screening tool

New Return to School Confirmation Form

Looking for information?  Check out the Toronto Public Health website for Parents and Caregivers

Or check out the TDSB:




Happy New Year!  Winchester wishes our families and community health and happiness in 2021.  Students will begin 2021 with Virtual Learning.  The Government of Ontario announced on January 7 that Virtual Learning would continue until January 22.  Students are scheduled to return to In-Person learning on Monday, January 25, 2021.  We look forward to welcomed our students with enhances safety protocols. Currently, we are waiting to hear about further measures to ensure students are safe at school.  

Dates to Remember:

January is Tamil Heritage Month

January's Character Trait is Teamwork 

January 15 -- Professional Activity Day -- asynchronous learning day for students





Parent Workshop with Nurse Zoe -- COVID Information Session

 When: Wednesday, December 9th @ 6PM

Where: Virtual via WebEx, click the link below to join

Join us for a virtual, 45 minute session with Winchester School's Liaison Public Health Nurse. There will be a presentation followed by a live Q & A period.

Topics to be covered:
  • Introduction to Toronto Public Health's Role in Schools
  • New daily screening process for children
  • New lockdown measures
  • What to do if your child is unwell
  • Mental Health and Well-being

We will also be recording the presentation for those that cannot attend to view later. Bring your questions and join us for an informative session!


Find out more about TDSB Health & Safety Guidelines at …

Other Helpful Links and numbers:

Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit (CRSB):

Do's and Don'ts -- Lockdown Guide

TPH COVID-19 Hotline: 416-338-7600.



Early French Immersion Registration

Early French Immersion (SK Entry) Parent/Guardian Information Sessions (DATES BELOW).

Application opens on November 2, 2020 and the deadline to apply is November 27, 2020

This year, there will be three virtual (online webchat) information sessions for parents/guardians/community members interested in the Early French Immersion (SK entry) application process.

Please note the following dates/times of the Virtual Information sessions below:

November 2, 2020 7:00-8:00pm

Virtual (online webchat) Information Session

November 12, 2020 7:00-8:00pm

Virtual (online webchat) Information Session

November 19, 2020 10:00-11:00am

In order to participate in a live scheduled webchat, please visit the web page below and a link will be available to join on the dates/times outlined above.
For families requesting more information, please direct them to the following link:

Deadline for application (November 27) -- even for families who are currently attending the school (e.g., if you have a child already attending Winchester) -- an application is still necessary.

COVID 19 -- Update: October 1, 2020

 Updates for Families:

I know there have been many questions about when to keep your child at home and what to do if your child has symptoms that appear to be a cold. Schools participated in a Webinar this afternoon with Toronto Public Health -- it was reassuring to hear that physical distancing, wearing a mask, good hand hygiene and not sharing items in the classroom where at the top of TPH's ways to stay safe.
TPH also suggested sharing the following with families:
Attached is a scenario card, and below is a helpful link.

COVID 19: School Information for Parents & Caregivers:

Stay safe and stay well Winchester!

COVID School Decision Guide

September 25 -- Updates:


Winchester Families!

Welcome to the end of our second week!! With your support the entry and dismissal is beginning to run smoothly – thank you!

In this update are the following: inclement weather, new mask guidelines for families on school property and COVID 19 Management at School. Please note the safety protocols are being updated regularly by the TDSB – we will post any changes as they occur. Thank you in advance for helping us follow all protocols to ensure the safety of our community.

Inclement Weather:
If we have severe weather (rain, snow, extreme cold or high winds) students are kept indoors. This year, the entry and dismissal will be a little more complicated, due to physical distancing, so we ask that you are prepared for the weather.
This is our inclement weather plan:
1. Families picking up or dropping off students – please arrive as close to entry/dismissal as possible. (entry: 9:15; dismissal SK: 3:15; dismissal Gr. 1-8 3:30)
2. Students will line up in the regular spot (line up in their class line-up) for both entry/dismissal
3. Students will be taken inside by staff on supervision duty beginning at 9:10
4. Students will be dismissed by their classroom teachers at 3:30 to their dismissal line. Families please line up on red line next to your child’s class line up area when picking-up students– students will line up in their class line-up both at entry/dismissal (please do not stand in front of the entry/dismissal doors – thank you!)

TDSB Updated Safety Protocols:

New Mask Guidelines: Clarification that parents/guardians who are on school property temporarily (e.g., drop off/pick up) must wear masks and physically distance.
“School visitors, including parents/guardians, are required to wear a mask/face covering when indoors and outdoors on school property, such as during pick-up and drop-off.”

COVID 19 Management at School:

Ensuring the health and safety of students and staff is a priority. TDSB follows direction from the Government of Ontario, who provided a recommended process for school boards to follow in the event of a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 in a school. The TDSB also works together with Toronto Public Health who is responsible for determining IF an outbreak exits, declaring an outbreak and providing direction on outbreak control to be implemented as well as supporting contact tracing efforts.

The following outlines the processes in place – we thank you in advance for your patience and support. (*Please note these procedures have been revised as of September 24 – specifically, students going home with symptoms and the schools response.)

1. Self-Assessment – staff, students and parents are expected to be familiar with and recognize the signs and symptoms of COVID-19. Before arriving to school each day, everyone must perform a self-assessment prior to entering any TDSB location (please use the paper or APP and remain home if they have any signs or symptoms of COVID-19, or a close contact of a positive COVID case or have travelled internationally. It is recommended that they self-isolate and stay home and seek testing if they are demonstrating any symptoms of COVID-19 or if they do not pass the self-health assessment for any other reasons. These individuals are not permitted to enter the school and cannot return until they have met the requirements for entry. They will be expected to report the results of their COVID test to their Principal as soon as they are available so additional actions may be taken if necessary.

2. Showing Symptoms of COVID-19 – IF a student shows symptoms of COVID, they are encouraged to go for testing or speak to their healthcare provider. They should self-isolate for 14 days from the start of symptoms unless: they have been tested and have a negative result or received an alternate diagnosis from a healthcare provider.*

If symptoms appear at school, student must wait in the Wellness Room until picked up. If test results are negation or they receive an alternative diagnosis from a healthcare provider, and the student has not had a high risk exposure, they may return to school 24 hours after symptom free.*

*If the student who is symptomatic does NOT go for testing, they must self-isolate for 14 days from start of symptoms, unless they have received an alternate diagnosis from a healthcare provider. They should be encouraged to go for testing. After 14 days, if well, they can stop self-isolating, but do have to practice physical distancing. After 14 days, if unwell, contact Telehealth or primary health care provider. If student received an alternate diagnosis from their healthcare provider, they can return to school 24 hours after symptoms resolve.

Thank you for your support in helping to keep our community safe and healthy!


September 14 Update:

We are back!! So nice to see everyone during the first week of school. 

Below are some updates that we have shared via School Messenger and thought we should re-post here!  Stay well and look after each other! 


Hello Winchester Families -- We hope the first few days went well. It was wonderful to see everyone in person again!

To make morning entry smoother we are encouraging families to conduct the daily Health Screening at home. It can be done in paper or through the app. We've included a screen shot of the landing page for TDSB Website: Returning to School which explains the Daily Health Screening process and the App. Also, included is a link to the Questions and Answers about the Daily Health Screening App, which includes how to receive technical support that doesn't involving calling -- just send an email to Student Password / Device Help. Thank you for your support!


Happy Monday Winchester Families!

I hope the first week went as smoothly as possible. It was wonderful to see everyone!

As we are all very aware, this is a very different year. At Winchester, we are doing our very best to make things as 'normal' as possible for students, while adhering to TDSB and Toronto Public Health Guidelines. The items below are ones we continue to work on – and we very much appreciate your patience and support:

1. Hot Lunch -- as mentioned in an earlier Dojo post – Ms. Charmyne is working on having a bagged lunch for students. Unfortunately, Ms. Charmyne needs a little more time to organize the logistics. Please send students with lunches until Ms. Charmyne posts on Dojo that Hot Lunch is up and running. We are in the same position with Snack -- please send a snack with your child until you hear further -- apologies for the delay.

2. Class Switches -- we have been receiving requests regarding switching classes. Unfortunately, at this time we cannot make switches, as classes have a number cap and a number of considerations went into coordinating the class lists. One consideration was cohorting (e.g., bussing, after school programs etc.); the other was collapsed classes due to the number of students choosing remote learning, (Winchester lost 7.5 teachers), which resulted in reorganize while maintaining the cap. Consider this a time for your child to make new friends, a time to get to know a new teacher and enjoy being back at school! Thank you for understanding.

3. Remote Learning/In-person Learning Switches – switches can only happen during specified times outlined by TDSB. The TDSB posted the following for elementary families: “deadlines for elementary students to request a change is September 30, 2020 and the date the change would take effect is October 13, 2020.”

Need more information? Always check the TDSBWeb at:
or gives us a call 416-393-1270.

We appreciate your patience and support -- THANK YOU!



Welcome to March! March is about HONESTY, Greek Heritage Month, Spring and of course March Break!  

The Greek Heritage theme for this year is: "Inquire, Innovate, Inspire - Σπουδή, Καινοτομία, Έμπνευση"  


Welcome to February!  In February we celebrate African Heritage and Chinese Heritage Month.  The Character Trait for the Month is Fairness. Winchester is looking forward to the following:  Student Progress updates on February 14 with families; SAC meeting on February 20 and Career Fair on February 26 for grade 7-8.  











Happy January Winchester!  Welcome to 2020! January's Character Trait is Teamwork and it's Tamil Heritage Month. Students will be discussing and practicing Teamwork in class!  During Wellness Week, January 27-31,  we will be drawing names for students who have demonstrated Teamwork throughout the month ! 









Welcome to December!  December is about Kindness and Caring!  We have a number of events happening this month, such as the Book Fair and our annual sing-a-long.  

Check out the google calendar (tab on the left Calendar of Events), your child's Classdojo and the Newsletters on this website to ensure you're up to date on all Winchester Happenings!  Missed the post on Dojo about hot lunch, check out the tab on the left


Happy Holidays


Newsletters/Menu.  Have a question? DM your child's teacher on Classdojo and call the main office at 416-393-1270. 



Welcome to October Winchester Families! 

We hope the first month of school has been a success! To find out about October Happenings, please make sure to check the Google Calendar; stay in touch with your child's class via ClassDojo  and read our Newsletters post here monthly! 

October is about Responsibility!  



September Reminders:  

Happy Thursday Winchester Families!

Hoping everyone is enjoying the wonderful summer weather and preparing for Tuesday, September 3. The first day of school is just a few short days away – thought I would share some important details on what to expect on the first day and first week.
First Day: Tuesday, September 3
How do I find my child’s teacher? Welcome back letters were sent home on Wednesday and should arrive to you by Friday! The letter provides important details such as bell times, lunch time, your child’s room number and where to line up for entry and how to find your child at dismissal.

Students will meet their teachers in the following areas at 8:55 a.m. on Tuesday, September 3. Look for the sign with the room number:
• SKs – please go directly to their classrooms
• Gr. 1, 1/2 (Rm. 6, 8, 9, 10) – Tennis Court (South Side/close to the garden)
• Gr. 2/3, 3/4, 4/5 (Rm. 7, 11, 13, 14) – Tennis Court (North Side/close to the basketball court)
• Gr. 4/5, Gr. 5/6 French Immersion (Rm. 101, 106, 102) – Basket Ball Court
• 7-8 English and French Immersion – please proceed to Gym at the bell using the Breezeway Doors

I didn’t receive the welcome back letter and it’s Friday! Don’t worry! All staff will be outside in the school yard at 8:45 to greet families. The staff can help you find the teacher and class. OR, give us a call on Friday afternoon before 4:00 and we can answer any questions. 416-393-1270

Hot Lunch and Snack? The Hot Lunch program will be available on the first day for $3 (exact change please). The Snack Program will begin September 16. Please send a healthy snack for the first two weeks. We have 2 lunch periods. Primary students (Gr. 1, 1/2, 2/3) eat lunch in the cafeteria from 11:40-12, while junior and intermediate students (Gr. 3/4, 4/5, 5/6) are outside for recess. At 12 o’clock the two groups swap; primary students go outside, while the junior and intermediate students eat in the lunchroom. Junior students (Gr. 3/4/5) must eat in the cafeteria. Once they finish their lunch, they can go back outside beginning at 12:20. With parental permission, Gr. 6-8 students may choose to have lunch off school property – for more information, please see the September Package, which will be sent home on Take-Home-Thursday (September 5).

September Package – this is a document that usually goes home with students during the first week and contains important documents that must be completed. This year we will send home hard copies, however, the TDSB will also be emailing families an on-line version of the forms for your convenience. If you have an email on file you will receive the package from TDSB. Please complete the information as soon as possible to ensure we have updated contact information. The September Package will also be posted on ClassDojo, and on our school website . NEW this year – on-line payment for t-shirts, snack, hot lunch, field trips and more! Instructions will be in the September Package. If you want to get a head start … select “Get Started Today” and complete the three registration steps. You can also contact the School Cash Online Parent Help Desk at 1-866-961-1803 and The Parent Help Desk is available to assist parents/guardians with the registration process, password recovery, accessing your account or payment issues.

After School Programs? CNH has a Before and After Care program – 416-925-4363, as does KClub 416-268-9954 and Wellesley Community Centre 416-392-0227. These programs run independent of Winchester, so checking with them on start times would be important. Each program does have a safe walk from Winchester (they pick up students at Winchester and walk them to the program location) and a designated meeting spot in the schoolyard.

Picking up your child?
Students can be dropped-off and picked-up at the following locations:
• Rm. 6, 8, 9, 10 – East Doors Heritage Building
• Rm. 11, 13, 14 – West Doors Heritage Building
• Rm. 101, 102, 106 – Rose Avenue Doors New Building (Basketball Court)
A gentle reminder if driving, please do not park in or near the bus loading zone on Rose Avenue, because of the narrow street and size of the busses, maneuvering around parked cars can be difficult and unsafe for everyone.

The first day will be a regular school day – Day 1 of the 5 day cycle. The times are as follows:
Entry bell: 8:55 (SK); 8:52 (Gr. 7/8); 8:58 (Gr. 1-6)
Dismissal bell: 3:05 (SK); 3:09 (Gr. 7/8); 3:15 (Gr. 1-6)
Lunch: 11:30-12:30 (SK); 11:34-12:30 (Gr. 7-8); 11:40-12:30 (Gr. 1-6)
Recess (Gr. 1-6): 10:32-10:42 a.m. 2:35-2:45 p.m.

Want to get involved? Winchester has a very active School Advisory Council (SAC). We will be having our first meeting on Thursday, September 19 at 6:30 p.m. in the Winchester Library. Join us and hear about all the wonderful initiative, sign up to receive updates or join one of the committee. Looking forward to seeing you there!
Wishing everyone a wonderful start to the school year!
Rita and DeAndra