Lunch at Winchester

  • Kindergarten- eat in their classes and will have outdoor time with the DECE. Please check with classroom staff for details specific to each class. Want to take your child home for lunch? No problem – organize with the classroom staff. 
  • Rm 6, 7,8, 9 & 10 students will be eating lunch in the cafeteria, supervised by lunchroom Supervisor, and go outside at 12:20 for Lunchtime Recess. There is a staggered lunch; one group is outside, while the other group is inside eating.  Rm 11, 13, 14, 102, 106 & 7/8 students will be outside for the First Lunch Recess. The groups swap at 12:20. Second Lunch:  Rm 11, 13, 14, & 102 go inside to eat lunch at 12:20, supervised by Lunchroom Supervisors in their classrooms. Rm 106 and 7/8 students go inside and have the option of eating in the cafeteria supervised by Lunchroom Supervisors.
  • Gr.6-8 can go home on their own or go off school property (eat at locale restaurants), however, there are no in/out privileges, students return to school at 12:40. Students in Gr. 6-8 going off school property must stay within the Winchester Parameters:  Wellesley Street, west to Sherbourne, East to Parliament, south to Carlton. Please ensure you discuss with your child where they can go for lunch, sharing locations with teacher is advised. If students are late returning and/or not staying in the parameters, they can lose their off-school property privileges.  Gr. 6-8 please complete the parent permission to go off school property – attached to this letter.  Return to your child’s teacher on the first day of school – September 5.

Hot Lunch/Snack Program:

  • Hot Lunch Program will be available beginning Monday, September 11 for JK-Gr. 8.  Cost is: $3 per day.  Hot Lunch is available Monday-Friday.  If interested in participating, please email Ms. Charmyne. Ms. Charmyne will be sending out the menu each month.
  • Snack Program will begin in October.  It is a pantry program consisting of a fruit, grain and dairy/dairy alternative and is delivered to the classrooms.  Cost is: $6 per month.  Email Ms. Charmyne for details:
  • Families are welcomed to send litterless lunches and snacks each day –no sharing food please due to food allergiesv 

 Cafeteria Rules:

· Eating lunch in their designated classroom table

· No running or loud talking

· No more than 2 student in the washroom

· When entering and exiting, single file and holding on to the railing

· Areas need to be clean before going