Daily Timetabling & Entry/Dismissal


Entry and Dismissal

Heritage Building: Grades 1-4/5 students line-up by class on the tennis court area and are greeted by teachers, who then walk the class inside. Students in Grades 1-4/5 who are bused are met at the bus by Support Staff (Educational Assistants/Special Needs Assistants) and brought into the schoolyard. Junior and Senior Kindergarten students proceed directly to the enclosure upon arrival and enter through the west doors of the Heritage Building. Junior and Senior Kindergarten students who are bussed are met at the bus by Support Staff and walked to the classrooms.

New Building: Grades 5-8 students enter and exit the New Building through designated doors.  Grade 5/6 and 6/7 students line-up on the basketball court and enter through the Rose Ave. doors.  Grade 7-8 students enter through the Ontario Street Doors.  All students will meet family members on the ‘tennis court’ when dismissed.

Accompanying a child later than 9:15 or leaving earlier?

Please walk to the Main office ( Prospect St.) to sign-in or sign-out where an office administrator will help you.