At Winchester we are focused on the mental health and wellness of our students! We hold monthly wellness weeks at the end of each month.  We ask our local partners and support staff to develop workshops and seminars for students, staff and families. Some examples of workshops help for families are: Understanding the Teenage Brain, Bullying, Understanding and Dealing with it at Home; For students: Health Relationships, Dealing with Stress, Understanding Conflict and How to Work Through it.  We also hold HIIT Classes and Yoga classes for students and Cooking Classes with Ms. Charmyne.    

Local Resources

See our list of local community resources that support our students and families with counselling, after school activities, settlement, job searching, health services and other types of services.

Snack and Lunch Programs


Winchester is pleased to offer a Snack Program (3 items – dairy, grain, fruit) and a hot Lunch Program daily.  

Snack Program:  for this program to be sustainable we ask that families contribute $6 per month. A Snack Contribution form goes home twice yearly – please watch for the forms.  

Lunch Program:  Students can ‘pay as you go’ for a nutritious hot lunch at $3 per day. The lunch menu is posted monthly. Students may bring a packed lunch from home.  Students are encouraged to bring a litter-less lunch, and to bring juice/water instead of pop.

Gr. 1-6 - The lunch-hour is supervised. Attendance is taken – therefore, once your child is ‘registered’ in the lunch program (i.e., staying at school for lunch) the student cannot leave school property, unless signed-out by an adult.  Please follow the protocol listed above Safe Arrival, Late, Absence, Leaving Early (sign-out and back in at the Main Office). Students who are not in the lunch program (i.e., go home for lunch) are to leave school property at lunch dismissal and return after 12:20 p.m.

Lunchroom Rules

The following lunchroom rules are posted:

  1. Indoor voices please
  2. Remain seated during lunch
  3. Raise your hand for help
  4. Place your garbage and recycling in the bins provided  
  5. Tidy up after yourself (table and floor please)
  6. Wait for a signal from the supervisor before going outside

Gr. 7-8 – have options for lunch.  They can participate in the Lunch Program ($3 per day) and can use the Lunchroom during the lunch hour – the rules for Lunchroom use apply to all students. Because supervision begins at 12:20 p.m., students leaving school property to buy their lunches leave immediately at lunch dismissal (11:50) and can only return at 12:20 – when supervision begins. All students must be back by no later than 12:45 p.m. Entry bell rings at 12:45 and classes begin at 12:50 sharp. Parent permission forms will go home with the Student Packages in September.