Routines & Rules

General School Rules/Guidelines

Entry and Dismissal

Heritage Building: Grades 1-4/5 students line-up by class on the tennis court area and are greeted by teachers, who then walk the class inside. Students in Grades 1-4/5 who are bused are met at the bus by Support Staff (Educational Assistants/Special Needs Assistants) and brought into the schoolyard. Senior Kindergarten students proceed directly to their classrooms upon arrival and enter through the west doors of the Heritage Building. Senior Kindergarten students who are bussed are met at the bus by Support Staff and walked to the classrooms.

New Building: Grades 4/5-8 students enter and exit the New Building through designated doors.  Grade 4 to 6 students line-up on the basketball court and enter through the Rose Ave. doors.  Grade 7-8 students enter through the Ontario Street Doors.  All students will meet family members on the ‘tennis court’ when dismissed.

General School Rules/Guidelines

  • Students are to follow the School Code of Conduct
  • During transition, students are expected to go directly to their next class (no stopping at lockers/bathroom or fountain). 2 minute transition for Intermediate students between classes
  • In the halls and stairways, students stay in line and keep to the right
  • Students come to school prepared for learning – a positive attitude and all necessary materials (e.g., pens/pencils, erasers, books, gym equipment)
  • Leave large bags and backpacks in the locker
  • Respectful language is expected  (no swearing, use of Racist language has a severe consequence)
  • For safety reasons, the throwing of snowballs is not permitted  
  • Students found to be responsible for vandalism will be required to make restitution
  • Washrooms will always be left clean and tidy
  • Students will play safely in the yard
  • Fighting, play fighting and violence are not tolerated

Dress Code

To promote a respectful, inclusive and safe environment students are expected to come to school in appropriate dress. 

Cell Phones & Electronics

TDSB Electronics Policy for Students:

The school is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items. Personal use of cell phones/electronics is not permitted during school hours. Students will not record or videotape fellow students and/or staff without the individual’s permission. For Gr. 4-8 students, electronics are turned off and secured in backpacks and in their lockers. Students who wish to use the phone, may do so at the Office. Parents can contact their child through the Office.


Students must have permission to leave the classroom. Students will use a hall-pass and sign-out to leave the classroom.

Internet Use

The Toronto District School Board and Winchester are committed to providing students with access to the Internet through the Board’s computer network.  

The Toronto District School Board has a “Code of On-Line Conduct” which applies to students, staff, and all other users of electronic resources accessed through the facilities of the TDSB including the Internet. The Code of Conduct includes sections covering Personal Safety Rules, Unacceptable Sites and Materials, Use Guidelines, Prohibited Uses and Activities, On-Line Publishing, and Liability. It is available at

The Board expects that students will be responsible in their use of the Internet through the facilities provided by the Board.   

Students have class time to use the computer lab.  All students will be assigned a computer for their use in the library.  We expect our students to use their computer with respect and notify our teacher librarian if there is a problem.

Lost Items

Lost and found boxes are located in the front foyer of the New Building.

At the end of each term, all lost and found clothes are put on display. Unclaimed articles will be donated to charity.

Please label all clothing, lunch bags and backpacks with your child’s name.

Please do not bring valuable items to school (e.g., large amounts of money, electronics, games, toys) The school cannot assume responsibility for lost, stolen or damage items.

Common Pages Elementary and Gr. 6 Lunch