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The Giving Tree Family Gift Drive

Below you will find information about the 6 families that we will be sponsoring. THE SIZES FOR EACH CLOTHING/SHOE ITEM BELOW IS LISTED ON THE ORNAMENT ON THE TREE.

is a 17-year-old girl with complex chronic medical issues including nine different diagnoses as well as mental health issues.She has been a patient at SickKids since birth with many admissions and lengthy stays.She has been adopted by her aunt after children’s aid became involved with issues with her biological parents.The family struggles financially and some days have difficulty even putting food on the table.They live below the poverty line.The children would like:

Cynthia (17) – Looneyspoons cookbook (Janet & Greta’s Greatest Recipes), art supplies, Cineplex gift cards

Mark (13) – Ice skates (size 10.5 or 11), Spit It Out board game, Marvel comics clothing, Cineplex gift cards

is a 2-year-boy who was diagnosed with retinoblastoma (cancer of the eye).Only his mother is working part-time right now and they are struggling to make ends meet as well as to pay off extensive debt.They live over 4 hours from the hospital and have many expenses related to coming to hospital for chemotherapy treatment. The children would like:

Thompson (2) – Tractors & cars, car track set, train set

Harry (8) – Hockey related items, Pokémon, Minecraft items

(6) – Shopkins, Barbie dolls & accessories, Doll house

is a 13-year-old boy diagnosed with Langerhans’s cell histiocytosis (LCH).He underwent a liver transplant and is waiting to undergo a second liver transplant due to complications from the first.Family lives 5 hours from hospital and as such parents are separated and one remains home with the sibling and the other has had to stay in Toronto for a year and a half waiting for the second transplant. The children would like:

Preston (13) – Maple leaf tickets, Maple leaf hoodie, Nike sweatpants, Roots sweatpants, Toronto city pass

Bridgette (15) – Garage gift card, Forever 21 gift card, Quo Make up brush, Cineplex pass, Sephora

is a 5-year-old diagnosed with a rare brain tumor.He has been receiving chemotherapy treatment since his diagnosis at the age of two years including many clinical trials as the tumor is progressing.He lives with his single mother in a shelter as they were evicted from their home and are now homeless.The children would like:

Geremiah (5) – Science kit (crystal/rocks), Minion pinball game, Guess Who, Battleship, pants & sweaters

Kenna (2) – Baby dolls, Lite Brite, French developmental toy, pajamas, sweater and pants

is a 4-year-old boy who was diagnosed with epilepsy and cerebral palsy.He has had extensive hospitalizations and has been admitted to the Intensive Care Unit on multiple occasions.Only his father is working and his mother has significant mental health issues.The children would like:

Jonah (4) – pants, t-shirts and zip sweatshirt, winter coat, boots, music/light toy, toy with Spanish

James (14) – Blue Jay tickets, Blue Jay jersey, American eagle jeans, hoodie, long sleeve shirts, H&M gift card

Jeremy (10) –TFC tickets, winter coat, track pants, gloves, soccer cleats (gift card), Barcelona soccer jersey

is an 11-year-old girl who was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia.She has been admitted to hospital for the last four months.She will be undergoing a bone marrow transplant in the New Year.She lives with her single mother and are Syrian refugees.Alyssa would like:

Alyssa (11) – Pink bicycle, coat/snow pants, dress, sweater/long sleeve shirts, Gap gift card, winter boots

We will be accepting donations of unwrapped gifts and gift cards starting Monday November 27 through to Friday December 8. Please leave gifts by the tree just outside the office.Please deposit Gift Cards in the locked FSA box at the entrance to the school at the parking lot.

  1. Please choose an ornament off the Giving Tree with the item you would like to purchase.
  2. Please take the first piece of the ornament for yourself, and write your name and telephone number on the second one that you leave on the tree.
  3. Please purchase the gift and return it UNWRAPPED with the first ornament attached to the item so we are aware which child/family it was purchased for. *IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SUPPORT THE GIVING TREE BUT ARE UNABLE TO COME INTO THE SCHOOL Please send an email to with your name, and the item you would like to purchase.We will take the ornament off the tree for you and put your name on it.Thank you in advance for helping to make the holiday season just a little bit better for some families who would otherwise go without.While we cannot make the sickness go away, with your generosity we can help these families enjoy this very special time of the year.If you have any questions about the Giving Tree, please feel free to contact us:

Jean Birch

Wendy Shama

Thank you for being partners in your child's learning!