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The Giving Tree Family Gift Drive

For the 15th year, the Armour Heights Giving Tree will be supporting 6 very special children and their siblings who have been undergoing treatment at the Hospital for Sick Children.

The kids we will sponsor are chronically or critically ill, and are from families who, financially, are not able to provide a holiday season for themselves this year.All of these children have had multiple hospital stays, with many remaining in the hospital for months at a time.In many cases these children are from out of town and have endured extended periods of time away from family and friends.As we are sure you can imagine, a child’s illness has a huge impact on the entire family.In particular is the effect upon siblings, who are often cared for by other people as their parents attend to the serious illness of their brother or sister

Information about the 6 families that we will be sponsoring available. THE SIZES FOR EACH CLOTHING ITEM IS LISTED ON THE ORNAMENT ON THE TREE.All names have been changed to protect the privacy of the children and their families. Along with the suggested areas of interest for the child and their siblings, we hope to provide Gift Cards (denominations of $10 please) to parents to allow them to make essential purchases for the family’s basic needs.Examples of useful gift cards are Loblaws/No Frills, Shoppers Drug Mart, Tim Hortons, Chapters/Indigo, Old Navy, and WalMart.   

We will be accepting donations of unwrapped gifts and gift cards starting Monday November 26 through to Thursday December 6. Please leave gifts by the tree just outside the office.Please deposit Gift Cards in the locked FSA box at the entrance to the school at the parking lot.

  1. Please choose an ornament off the Giving Tree with the item you would like to purchase.
  2. Please take the first piece of the ornament ONLY for yourself, and write your name and telephone number on the second one that you leave on the tree.
  3. Please purchase the gift and return it UNWRAPPED with the first ornament attached to the item so we are aware which child/family it was purchased for. *IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SUPPORT THE GIVING TREE BUT ARE UNABLE TO COME INTO THE SCHOOL Please send an email to with your name, and the item you would like to purchase.We will take the ornament off the tree for you and put your name on it.Thank you in advance for helping to make the holiday season just a little bit better for some families who would otherwise go without.While we cannot make the sickness go away, with your generosity we can help these families enjoy this very special time of the year.If you have any questions about the Giving Tree, please feel free to contact us:

Jean Birch(416)487-8931,

Wendy Shama (416)520-6965,

Michelle Sugar(416)617-7723,

Student Charity Committee – Co-Chairs