Parking Lot Safety

One of the most challenging things for new families is to become acquainted with all of the policies and procedures of the school. Safety is always the primary focus for everyone at the school. In order to help keep our parking lot safe, therefore, the FSA has worked with the school administration to develop the following expectations for our EAST parking lot (the WEST parking lot is for staff only).

  1. PICKING UP / DROPPING OFF LANE only (30 second rule applies) Along the fence is a stopping area only - drivers are to remain in their vehicle at all times. If you plan to get out of your vehicle, you will need to use a parking space. If space is not available in the drop off lane, circle the parking lot counter clockwise until a space becomes available.
  2. The entrance/exit driveway off Belgrave Ave. is to remain clear at all times. Blocking this entry interferes with the school bus drop off and pickup of students.
  3. Vehicles must follow direction arrows (counter clockwise) and are to be backed into parking spots.
  4. Adults are to meet children by the fence or at the kindergarten doors of the school. Please DO NOT let your children run across the parking lot unescorted.
  5. Armour families are to display a school sticker on the vehicle windshield. If you need a school sticker, please come and get one in the office.
  6. The East parking lot is for parents approved visitors/deliveries and the West parking lot is for staff/approved visitors/deliveries requiring a ramp.We can all make this a safe area if we work together. 

Remember that there is always an alternative; walking is a healthier choice for us, our kids and the environment!