Success Criteria for Athletics:


Skill Level

-         The student displays an outstanding level of ability. 

-         The student displays an understanding of the required skills, rules and gameplay.

-         The student successfully completes tasks, drills and strategies implemented by the coach or coaches. 

-         The student displays significant improvement throughout the course of the tryouts. 


-                     The student demonstrates a commitment to learning.

-                     The student displays academic excellence. 

-                     The student is able to manage course work. 

Commitment & Responsibility

-                     The student regularly attends tryouts, practices and games.

-                     The student follows instructions, rules and expectations. 

-                     The student arrives prepared and on time. 

-                     The student listens to coaches, officials and other students.

-                     The student demonstrates leadership, confidence and engagement. 

Sportsmanship & Teamwork

-                     The student displays respect, honesty, empathy and encouragement. 

-                     The student works well and communicates effectively with students.

-                     The student demonstrates overall enjoyment and fair-play.