Family and School Association (FSA)

Family and School Association (FSA)

FSA Executive Team 
President: Michelle Sugar
Fati Kemahli
Secretary: Rotating 
E-Blast Co-ordinator: TBD
Website Manager: TBD
Past President: Laura Berry and Elise Tzurkov
Grade Parent Rep: TBD
Sports Coordinator: TBD
Treasurer: Jasmine Lau
Bike Rodeo:  
Health and Hygiene: Fati Kemahli

Pizza Lunch: Fati Kemahli and Michelle Sugar 
Teacher Appreciation: TBD
Family Directory: Fati Kemahli
Yearbook: Laua Berry and Kate Robinson
Auction Co-Chairs: TBD
Equity Ambassador: Elise Tzurkov
Terry Fox Run: Jennifer Ashcroft and Ashley Calafiore
Welcome Back BBQ: Michelle Sugar and Fati Kemahli

Michelle Sugar and Fati Kemahli

Charitable Giving: TBD
Grade 8 Grad: TBD
School councils play a vital role in the education system in Ontario.   They provide a forum through which parents and other members of school communities can contribute to improving student achievement and school performance.

The Education Improvement Commission (EIC) describes the results of research on parental involvement this way:

Parental involvement is one of the most significant factors contributing to a child's success in school. When parents are involved in their children's education, the level of student achievement increases.  Students attend school more regularly, they complete more homework in a consistent manner, and demonstrate more positive attitudes towards school

(Source:  School Improvement Planning:  A Handbook for Principals, Teachers and School Councils - Nov. 2000)


The parent council at Armour Heights P.S. is called the Family and School Assocation (herein "FSA").  The FSA is administered by a volunteer Executive appointed each year by the families at Armour Heights P.S.  The FSA's objectives are as follows.

To Create a First Class Learning Experience
To Support a Safe and Friendly Environment for all Armour Children
To Create a Unique and Exceptional experience for Armour Families
To Take Care of our Own and Give back to Others

All parents of current Armour Heights students are automatically members of the FSA.  Parents are encouraged to attend all meetings and become involved in decisions affecting school life.  It is an excellent forum for communications with other parents, the Principal as well as teacher representatives.  .

Our first meeting of 2019 is Tuesday, October 15th at 7:30pm. The meeting is located in our schools Staffroom in the main hall.