Leonard Braithwaite Program

The Leonard Braithwaite Program (LBP) is the first Africentric program offered at the secondary school level in Canada. Data collected by the TDSB indicated an increasing achievement gap exists among black students. This is not an Africentric school or even a school within a school, it is a program that will provide students with an alternative way of learning, while still being a part of the Winston Churchill community.

The program will offer grade 9 students the opportunity to learn through an Africentric lens in the credit-granting, de-streamed program that allows students to meet achievement expectations, without defining their educational pathways. The courses will be designated as academic in order to provide students with the most choice for future pathways; however, through the use of layered curriculum, students will reach the required expectations in their own way, even if they are currently not at the academic level. [Layered curriculum means that students move towards the same expectations taking different paths. One student may only need to complete one assignment to reach a particular expectation where as another may student need to do 4 assignments that build on one another to reach that same expectation].

The program was introduced in the 2013-2014 school year at the grade 9 level and we currently are running the program for grade 9 and 10 students with the expectation of expanding it in grade 11 and 12. The ultimate goal of the LBP is to have students succeed and right now the best way of helping students achieve is by providing them choice.

We, as a school, feel that this program will help address some of the issues surrounding the opportunity gap facing our black students. With the introduction of our Advanced Placement (AP) Program as well, the students of Winston Churchill will have more choice. Our ultimate goal is to have students succeed, and right now, the best way of helping our students achieve is by providing them with choice. The program is open for everyone and all students are welcome.

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