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Winston Churchill CI


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Graduation - June 27th

Graduation ceremony will be held on June 27th, from 2:00pm - 4:00pm.

Please RSVP using the invitation that was send via email.


Prom - May 25th

WCCI will be hosting Prom in the evening of May 25th. Tickets can be purchased at the school or online using the Cash Online system.

Grad Tea - May 17th

Grad Tea will take place in the school library on Wednesday May 17th. Graduating students will have the opportunity to look back at their time at WCCI and also vote for valedictorian. 

Guidance Appointments

Guidance appointments can be booked using the following link:

Please also continue to check our website for updated information.


Churchill Showcase


Students applied their knowledge of Analytical Geometry and created beautifully complex geometrical artworks. The students were very excited to showcase their expertise in both Math and Visual Arts through a wonderful display. Many put in countless hours just to impress their peers, and this healthy competition created a collaborative learning environment that continued even outside of school. Great job to all of you!