Course Websites

As teachers develop their own course-based websites we would like students to have easy access to them. Usually they have been available as links from the specific course pages and are also be able to be found navigating the site. We are going to try a trial here with it available on the menu for students to use the Don Mills Website as a portal to their class sites. Teachers will now be able to submit their course interactive websites or a page of links that may be relevant resources for their students here. Many teachers at our school are starting to use moodle sites, wikis, and other interactive websites to provide enhanced learning. As well, we have teachers utilizing D2L (Desire 2 Learn) sites, and extensive work in Google Drive and Google Classrooms. We also have a lot of courses with interactive textbooks or regular textbooks with digital companions. As well, many of our students participate in Dual Credit courses at various colleges which also have them learn blended learning classroom software like Blackboard and D2L as well. We also have an exciting development for learning computer programming, created by DMCI students at

Students can click on the course code - section links below to access their class web resources.

Current Course Website Links

Mr. Johnson       MFM1P, Grade 9 Applied Math 

Mr. Johnson         MHF4U, Advanced Functions

Ms. Strelkovska ICS3U/ICS4U, Computer Science