Special Education

Special Education

Don Mills Collegiate is proud to offer a number of Intensive Support Programs in the area of Gifted and Developmental Disabilities. We are also proud to offer a variety of supports to all students with IEPs.

Parents and Guardians are strongly encouraged to review their child's IEP with them so that they are able to understand the content and self-advocate in the school. Students with IEPs who are interested in seeking support through the Resource Room are asked to speak to their classroom teachers and/or the Resource staff in room 107. Accommodations available through the Resource Room include additional time for evaluations, quiet/alternate work space, assistive technology, and extra help with course work.

Student's with an IEP also have the option to take a GLE: Learning Strategies course once a year (up to a total of 4 credits). GLE aims to help with the development of learning skills and strategies essential for success in secondary school and for post-secondary destinations. The GLE course is taught by Special Education Resource Teachers with the support of an Educational Assistant. 


Giftedness: The Gifted Intensive Support Program (ISP) is open to students with a Gifted designation who live in the DMCI catchment. DMCI offers courses in core subject areas, including English, History, Geography, Math, Science and French. Gifted classes at DMCI are self-contained and the curriculum is accommodated to meet the learning needs of gifted students. Course delivery is differentiated by breadth in that the content explores broad-based themes, and by depth and pace of topics. Inquiry-based learning organized around essential questions is a general focus of the program.


Developmental Disabilities: Our program for students with Developmental Disabilities includes three self-contained classes with alternative programs staffed by three Special Education Resource Teachers, six Educational Assistants, and a full-time Special Needs Assistant. The curriculum covers Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Phys. Ed., and Life Skills, including woodworking, cooking, shopping, and a Co-op program.

Please contact our ACL of Special Education Ms. Kirk (Gillian.Kirk@tdsb.on.ca) for more information.