SAC Activities

Student Activity Council

The SAC is a group of student-elected representatives that organize events and fundraisers for Don Mills. For this school year, we will arrange Don Mills spirit wear sales, safe, eating events, virtual speakers, partnership events with the community and the middle school and all mentorship programs in our grades to build capacity of leadership. We work around the clock to make DMCI one of the most fun schools in the TDSB. Our SAC is very active sponsoring many different clubs and activities throughout the year. We are very lucky to have Mr. Ben Gross as our staff advisor to help us develop leadership skills. 

SAC Fees are $50.   For those that have not paid, please send the $50 through the link of CASHONLINE.  These funds help to cover all additional materials, field trips, sports, clubs, committees, speakers, yearbook, and events to help what makes Don Mills an awesome place to be!

Students can find SAC online through the Student Outreach Facebook group, ask a SAC member to add you if you haven’t been already.

Follow SAC on twitter at @DonMillsSAC

We are always gathering info from our grade reps as well to let students know who they can reach out to with student community needs, to make sure each grade has a voice. 







Saniyah Farzeen    


Zoshua Israni



Noa Shiohara


Cynthia Lin

As this year’s treasurer, is in charge of keeping track of all the money SAC fundraises.  


Maran Muruganantha



Clubs Convenor

Sambhavi Tripathia

As this year’s Clubs Convenor, is responsible for leading and organizing all club-related activities.  

Arts Convenor: Svetlana Gorgievski

As this year’s arts convenor, is in charge of design for SAC activities.  

Social Spirit Convenor

Ismahan Mohamud

As the SAC 2023-2024 Social Spirit Convenor, will work hard to strengthen DMCI’s school spirit and friendly community.  

Social Media Convenor

Oviay Muruganantha

As the Social Media Convener for SAC 23/24, is the person behind the SAC Instagram!  

Social Justice and Equity Convenor

Waziha Hasan

As the Social Justice and Equity Convenor, Fareeha ensures that everyone feels included in our school community by planning events like Orange Shirt Day and Heritage months. Other than SAC she joined Ambassadors to help out around the school and the Orbit photography team. She is excited to make this school year fun and include everyone despite the unusual start. :)

International Representative

As the International Representative for 2023-2024, helps international students adapt to our school and keeps them informed.  

Athletics Representative

Abdullah Zia and Fariza Reza

As the Athletics Representative, would run most of the organizational aspects of the athletic department, including tournaments, fundraisers and merchandise sales, though this Salman will be putting 100% of her effort into bettering the school community.  

Grade Nine Representative

Grade Nine Representative


Grade Nine Representative





Grade Ten Representative


Grade Ten Representative


Grade Eleven Representative


Grade Eleven Representative


Grade Twelve Representative

Grade Twelve Representative