Student Activity Council

The SAC is a group of student-elected representatives that organize events and fundraisers for Don Mills. From School dances such as semi formal and prom, to our athletic banquet and Don Mills spirit wear sales, and dodgeball games with the police, we work around the clock to make DMCI one of the most fun schools in the TDSB. Our SAC is very active sponsoring many different clubs and activities throughout the year. They run charity fundraisers, lunchtime events, a semi-forma and provide character examples to help us set school tone and culture.  We are very lucky to have Mr. Ben Gross as our staff advisor to help us develop leadership skills. 

There is a student fee of $55 payable and details on what it contributes to are included here.

Students can find SAC online through the Student Outreach Facebook group, ask an SAC member to add you if you haven’t been already.

Follow SAC on twitter at @DonMillsSAC

We are always gathering info from our grade reps as well to let students know who they can reach out to with student community needs, to make sure each grade has a voice. 


SAC ‘19/20 Biographies





Elizabeth Li

As this year’s SAC President, Elizabeth organizes and leads SAC in many events throughout the school year. She is responsible for making many executive decisions about the planning and execution of various school wide activities. She is a positive and organized grade 12 student in the gifted program. Aside from SAC, Elizabeth is also involved in other extracurriculars such as the Equity and Wellness Committee, Peer Tutoring, and DMCI Voice. She looks forward to making this school year extra fantabulous!!

Vice President

Nico Peng

As this year's SAC Vice President, Nico helps Elizabeth make executive decisions when planning events throughout the school year. He is responsible for planning the school's semi-formal dance. He is an upbeat and energetic grade 12 student in the gifted program. In addition to SAC, Nico participates in many sports and extracurriculars; he is on the Volleyball and Ultimate Frisbee team, and is a part of Peer Tutoring, Stage Crew, and is the head of the Ignite production department. Nico will make this school year the best one yet! 


Justice Gin

Justice Gin is a grade 12 CyberARTS student and this year’s Secretary. As secretary, he is in charge of the meeting minutes. He is in the Board Game Club, Figure Drawing Club, and Smash Bros Club. He is a reliable and supportive member of SAC. He hopes to be in a leadership position in the Ultimate Frisbee Team for a winning season. Justice is excited for the year ahead!


Julia Burlaca

As this year’s Treasurer, Julia Burlaca is responsible for handling and keeping track of all the money that SAC fundraises. Outside of SAC, Julia is part of many school extracurriculars, including rugby, volleyball, and track. Julia also plays rugby and soccer outside of school. Julia is excited for this school year and can’t wait to make it the best one yet!


Catherine Yan

Catherine Yan is a grade eleven student in the CyberARTS Program and she is the SAC Fundraiser for this year. Catherine’s main responsibilities in SAC are to plan and organize any sales or activities that are related to SAC, and ensure that they run smoothly. These school-wide activities include the annual hoodie sale fundraiser and the semi-formal dance tickets. Catherine is also heavily involved within the DMCI community, holding executive positions for both Orbit (the Don Mills’ yearbook), and Me to We. Catherine is excited to see what this school year brings!

Clubs Convenor

Rachel Tiku

As this year’s Clubs Convenor, Rachel Tiku is responsible for organizing all club-related activities. As an active member of DECA, Best Buddies, Me to We and EWC, Rachel truly believes that joining extracurriculars enhances your high school experience. She encourages everyone to explore new interests and meet new friends by joining one of the many clubs at DMCI!

Arts Convenor

Sandy Lin

This year’s Arts Convenor, Sandy Lin, is always ready to turn a boring announcement or email into a colourful poster for the DMCI SAC Instagram page. Or design a bomb DMCI school hoodie to kick off the new school year. Or even organize the annual Winter Talent Show. Sandy is a CyberArts student, the co-director of Ignite, an Ambassador, and involved in various other school clubs. She looks forward to making this school year a memorable one.

Social Spirit Convenor

Anahita Behpour

Anahita Behpour is a cheerful grade 12 student who is always looking to put a smile on someone’s face. As this year’s Social Spirit Convenor, her goal is to strengthen the DMCI community and raise overall spirit. Outside of SAC, she is the co-president of the Equity & Wellness Committee, and the vice-president of the Eco-Team. She also plays a role in the school's varsity girls soccer and basketball teams. Anahita looks forward to a fun-filled school year!

Social Media Convenor

Sun-Woo Park

As this year's Social Media Convenor, Sun-Woo’s responsibility is to oversee and regulate all of SAC’s social media platforms. She helps meet all the needs of DMCI students through a steady online presence. Aside from her role in SAC, she is also a senior CyberArts student and takes part in various other extracurriculars such as Me to WE, Ambassadors, and is a photographer in Orbit Yearbook. Sun-Woo is a creative and enthusiastic student who is excited for her last year of high school!!

Social Justice and Equity Convenor

Bella Serrano

As the Social Justice and Equity Convenor, Bella co-manages the Equity and Wellness Committee with Anahita Behpour, the Social Spirit Convenor. This committee works on any social justice and mental health initiatives that aim to make Don Mills CI a more inclusive place. Outside of the EWC and SAC, Bella is an executive of the Me to We Club and an enthusiastic member of the swim team and senior rugby teams. She believes that high school presents a perfect opportunity to become a global citizen who fights for what they believe in; she urges everyone to use their voices for good. Above all, Bella is looking forward to making this a great year at DMCI !

International Representative

Caroline Chen

This year, as an International Student Representative, Caroline Chen's responsibilities are to relay school activities and information to international students and help them integrate into school life. In addition to her duties in SAC, Caroline Chen also has interests in many aspects. She has not only participated in the New Members and Chinese club which helps international students, but is also an active member of Ambassadors, Peer Tutoring and DMCI Singers. Caroline Chen is always ready to help others, and she is excited for her last year in DMCI and looking forward to making it a great one!!!

Male Athletics Representative

Kirill Lin

Kirill Lin is the Male Athletic Representative for this school year. Together with Belinda, he runs the Athletic Council and oversees athletic events. When he isn’t playing rugby or doing backflips, you can still find him actively running or swimming around the school. Kirill is an optimistic and hardworking student who is excited for a great school year!

Female Athletics Representative

Belinda Lu

As the Female Athletic Representative, Belinda works together with Kirill and runs most of the athletic department shenanigans. Together, they have a wide range of responsibilities ranging anywhere from organizing fundraisers to updating the athletics social media page. Outside of SAC, Belinda participates in many extracurricular groups such as the rugby team and music groups. She looks forward to making this school year the best one yet! 

Grade Nine Representative

Ahmed El Shahed

As one of this year’s SAC Grade 9 Representatives, Ahmed El Shahed is enthusiastic about hosting various events, addressing the concerns of all the grade 9’s as well as supporting them and making DMCI always a second home. Aside from SAC, Ahmed is a Junior Executive on the Eco Team and is involved in various clubs such as, Stage Crew, Robotics, and SWAT. Ahmed wishes everyone a fantastic school year.

Grade Nine Representative

Kseniya Miller-Gruntovskaya

Kseniya is a Grade 9 Representative along with Ahmed, and they are responsible for sharing their grade’s thoughts and ideas to SAC and help with any problems that the student body thinks should be changed. She is happy to answer any questions or concerns. Not only is Kseniya part of student council, but she is also part of the CyberARTs program and many other clubs including Breakfast Club and Arts Council. Kseniya is approachable and open minded and is sure this year will be an amazing one!

Grade Ten Representative

Jessie Wang

Jessie Wang is one of the Grade 10 Representatives on SAC. Her primary responsibility is communicating between the grade 10 population and student council. She will ensure any opinions, concerns and/or questions are addressed throughout the school year. Aside from Student Council, Jessie is a student in the gifted program and is involved in many extracurriculars, such as Ambassadors, DECA, the Equity Action Committee and Me to We. Jessie looks forward to a great school year!

Grade Ten Representative

Alexander Kurk

Alexander Kurk is one of SAC’s Grade 10 Representatives. He is committed to providing fun events, supporting grade 10 students, and in general, making DMCI a more enjoyable place. Alex will express and represent all grade 10 students and will listen to concerns, questions, and feedback to further improve DMCI. In addition to being part of SAC, Alex is also in the CyberARTs program and is the Eco Club President. Alex is a responsible hard worker who is determined to make this school year a great one.

Grade Ten Representative

Kostas Katsikaris

Along with Jessie and Alex, Kostas is a Grade 10 Representative. He listens to the opinions of his grade and acts as their voice at SAC meetings. He answers any questions his grade may have concerning SAC activities. Kostas is an enthusiastic student who is ready for a great school year!

Grade Eleven Representative

Abdullah Diwan

Abdullah Diwan is one of the Grade 11 Representatives on SAC. His primary responsibilities include actively addressing questions or concerns, gathering feedback from the Grade 11 population, and communicating concerns of students to SAC in the weekly meetings. Abdullah aims to make DMCI a comfortable and dignified space for all his peers. Aside from SAC, Abdullah is involved in many extracurriculars such as Ambassadors, Comic Book Club, DECA, French club, and Peer Tutoring. He is optimistic, patient and responsible individual who looks forward to a fun and bright year ahead.

Grade Eleven Representative

Jones Au-Duke

Jones is the other Grade 11 Representative, and with Abdullah, they collect feedback from the grade 11 population and help to answer any questions. He actively encourages his grade to participate in school-wide activities. Also a CyberARTs student and involved in the athletic department, Jones is creative and energetic. He can’t wait to see how amazing this year will be!

Grade Twelve Representative

Rubaina Farin

Rubaina Farin, a grade 12 student in the Gifted program, is committed to helping her fellow peers. As a Grade 12 Representative, she is primarily responsible for conveying information, addressing the needs of her classmates, and communicating with her fellow peers in hopes of making their last year at DMCI the best. When not a part of SAC, she is the head photographer of yearbook, President of DMCIMe to We, partakes in Acapella, DMCI Voices and Stage Crew. She looks forward to making Grade 12 everyone's best year yet!

Grade Twelve Representative

Namu Kim

Namu Kim is one of the Grade 12 Representatives whose responsibility is to relay any messages and information between the office/student council and the students of grade 12, primarily about university and scholarship opportunities DMCI has to offer. Besides being involved in SAC, Namu is a senior student in the CyberARTs program, as well as directing DMCI’s very own Ignite; a student led all arts production. She is also involved in Orbit as a designer, and Me to We, as well as various sports. Namu is excited for the last year at DMCI and looks forward to making this year the best! :)