Student Activity Council

The SAC is a group of student-elected representatives that organize events and fundraisers for Don Mills. In a typical school year, we organize school dances such as semi formal and prom, the athletic banquet and arrange Don Mills spirit wear sales. We work around the clock to make DMCI one of the most fun schools in the TDSB. Our SAC is very active sponsoring many different clubs and activities throughout the year. We are very lucky to have Mr. Ben Gross as our staff advisor to help us develop leadership skills. 

There is a student fee of $55 payable and details on what it contributes to are included here.

Students can find SAC online through the Student Outreach Facebook group, ask an SAC member to add you if you haven’t been already.

Follow SAC on twitter at @DonMillsSAC

We are always gathering info from our grade reps as well to let students know who they can reach out to with student community needs, to make sure each grade has a voice. 







Rachel Tiku

As this year’s president, Rachel Tiku is responsible for organizing and leading SAC as they plan various school-wide activities. She makes executive decisions to ensure the success of different initiatives in an effort to encourage a sense of community and increase school-wide spirit. In addition to SAC, Rachel is also the co-president of DMCI’s DECA and Best Buddies chapters. She is looking forward to working alongside all the students at Don Mills CI to make this year, as unconventional as it may be, a great one!

Vice President

Kirill Lin

Kirill Lin is the vice-president of SAC (as well as the first member of the 2020/2021 SAC team to not start his bio with “As”). He is responsible for aiding the president and the rest of SAC with any tasks they have. In addition, he provides unparalleled moral support and original event ideas. Kirill is an active student and when he's not busy with SAC, he would normally be on sports teams. However, these days he spends his time in the gym, baking, and making music. He aims to make this year great despite the current circumstances.


Charita Khan

As this year’s secretary, Charita Khan will be taking care of the meeting minutes for SAC 2020-2021. She is a responsible, reliable member of SAC and keeps the team organized. Outside of SAC, Charita is involved in a variety of clubs at DMCI such as Me to We and HOSA. Charita is excited to see how the school year unfolds and looks forward to making it a great one!


Mishal Hossain

As this year’s treasurer, Mishal Hossain is in charge of keeping track of all the money SAC fundraises. Outside of SAC, she is involved in many clubs at DMCI, such as Model UN, Stage Crew, and Art Battle Club. She holds an executive role this year as the co-president of DMCI DECA. Mishal is looking forward to a different but great year!


Renee Zhu

As this year’s Fundraiser, Renee Zhu is responsible for planning and organizing all of DMCI’s fundraising events. She ensures that all fundraiser related activities will run as smoothly as possible. 

Some of these events include hoodie sales and SPC card sales! Outside of SAC, Renee is also involved in the arts. She is a CyberARTS student and a member of Figure Drawing Club! Renee is looking forward to working with everyone in order to make this year the best one yet! 

Clubs Convenor

Jessie Wang

As this year’s Clubs Convenor, Jessie Wang is responsible for leading and organizing all club-related activities. As an executive member of DECA, Peer Tutoring, and MUN, Jessie truly believes that being involved in a club will heighten your high school experience. She encourages everyone to take part in those that interest them and to try something new! However unusual this year may be, she looks forward to making it a great one! 

Arts Convenor

Henry Ding

As this year’s arts convenor, Henry Ding is in charge of design for SAC activities. This includes designing social media posts and school merchandise. Besides SAC, Henry Ding is the co-president of Model UN and is an orals trainer for DECA. Other clubs Henry is involved in include Yearbook, Stage Crew, Debate, and Art Battle Club. Henry is excited about what this unusual year has in store for us! 

Social Spirit Convenor

Alexander Kurk

As the SAC 2020-2021 Social Spirit Convenor, Alexander Kurk will work hard to strengthen DMCI’s school spirit and friendly community. His goal is to spread positivity and social spirit through various campaigns, events, social media, and many other methods. Outside of SAC, Alex is the President of Eco Club, where he plans fun environmentally friendly campaigns and increases environmental stewardship.

Social Media Convenor

Anjuli Strong 

As the Social Media Convener for SAC 20/21, Anjuli Strong is the person behind the SAC Instagram! She writes the captions and designs the stories, as well as responds to any direct messages SAC receives. Anjuli is also in CyberArts, and previously did French Immersion! She aims to go into psychology, and enjoys meeting and helping different people.

Social Justice and Equity Convenor

Fareeha Shahid

As the Social Justice and Equity Convenor, Fareeha ensures that everyone feels included in our school community by planning events like Orange Shirt Day and Heritage months. Other than SAC she joined Ambassadors to help out around the school and the Orbit photography team. She is excited to make this school year fun and include everyone despite the unusual start. :)

International Representative

May Wang

As the International Representative for 2020-2021, May helps international students adapt to our school and keeps them informed. She enjoys meeting new people even if it’s not possible to meet in person. Besides her role in SAC, she is also a DECA participant, a CyberARTs student, and an ARCT in piano. Although she isn’t part of the international community, May is excited to get to know everyone (virtually, if she must) and will be doing her best to make this unique year into an aMAYzing one!:)

Athletics Representative

Bella Serrano

As the Athletics Representative, Bella would run most of the organizational aspects of the athletic department, including tournaments, fundraisers and merchandise sales, though this year she will be putting 100% of her effort into bettering the school community. Outside of SAC, she is the co-president of Don Mills’ Me to We Chapter and plays club rugby. She looks forward to making this school year the best one yet!

Grade Nine Representative

Saniyah Farzeen

As one of the Grade 9 Representatives this school year, Saniyah Farzeen is committed to helping her fellow grade 9s overcome the transition from middle school to high school, especially during these unusual times. Her responsibilities include listening and addressing the needs of her peers, conveying information and making her classmates first year a smooth one. Aside from SAC, Saniyah is a student in the Gifted Program and is already involved in a number of clubs, including the EcoTeam, Ambassadors, Botany & DECA. She is looking forward to making the best of her first year here at Don Mills. 

Grade Nine Representative

Zainab Abdul

As one of the Grade 9 Representatives, Zainab is committed to keeping grade 9 students together in this difficult time. She is excited to get to know more people, and interact and help more grade 9s. She also understands that many students are completely new to DMCI, and is willing to work with them to make their transition smoother and better. Zainab is also keen on being a bridge between grade 9s, and the student council, and is ready to convey any concerns, issues, and opinions they have. Her responsibilities include representing the grade 9s (keeping them informed, addressing their needs, conveying messages to SAC), and being a comfort zone for her peers to put forth concerns and make this year a good one! Aside from SAC, Zainab is also part of the student Ambassadors. She hopes to contribute to SAC and her school as best as she possibly can, and overcome current issues together with her peers. 

Grade Nine Representative

Ometh Kuruneru

As one of the grade 9 Representatives this year, Ometh Kuruneru intends to make sure all the grade 9 students have the best first year possible. Ometh is a student in the gifted program and is also part of clubs such as DECA. His responsibilities include, making the grade 9s feel as comfortable as possible, addressing any concerns, comments or questions from his peers and making sure everyone is informed of the events transpiring at DMCI!

Grade Nine Representative

Ismahan Mohamud

As one of the grade 9 representatives this year, Ismahan is committed to making this year the best and most enjoyable first year for grade 9. Aside from SAC, Ismahan is one of the photographers on Orbit. She plans to inform the grade student body on upcoming school activities and also communicate any of their concerns with SAC. 

Grade Ten Representative

Judy Wang

As one of the Grade 10 Representatives this year, Judy Wang will relay the thoughts and concerns of the grade 10 student body to SAC. She will help to organize school activities and make DMCI a welcoming space for everyone. As well as SAC, she is one of the Head Photographers on DMCI’s ORBIT team, a co-exec of the Figure Drawing club and a student in the CyberARTS program. Judy is always down for some conversation, and looks forward to this unusual but exciting year!

Grade Ten Representative

Jessica Wang

As one of the Grade 10 Representatives this school year, Jessica Wang will listen to all thoughts, concerns, and opinions of the Grade 10 student body and speak on their behalf to SAC. She will help with school events and activities and will do her best to make DMCI a positive environment. Other than SAC, she is a student in the CyberARTS program and is very involved in our school community by participating in many clubs such as Model UN, Debate, and Yearbook! Jessica hopes to make this unique and unusual year, one to remember!

Grade Eleven Representative

Seniru De Silva

As one of the two Grade 11 Representatives for the 2020-2021 school year, Seniru De Silva’s primary role is to act as an information hub between DMCI’s Student Activity Council (SAC) and the Grade 11 student community. In conjunction with SAC, Seniru De Silva is an experienced member within DMCI’s Ambassadors club, a veteran within DMCI’s Comic Book club, and is a member of both DMCI’s DECA club and Peer Tutoring Club for this year. Seniru De Silva is committed to making this school year the best and most comfortable one yet, as unorthodox the school year may seem currently.

Grade Eleven Representative

Javeriya Nadeem

As one of this year's Grade 11 Representatives, Javeriya Nadeem will help communicate between SAC and the grade 11 student body to present the diverse opinions of her grade and make the school year enjoyable for all. Along with SAC, she is also one of the Head Photographers of DMCI’s Yearbook team and is a CyberArts student. Javeriya is excited to become more involved in the Don Mills CI community, and hopes that this year will be the most fun and memorable one yet!

Grade Twelve Representative

Chase Denes

As one of this year’s grade twelve representatives, Chase Denes is adamant about helping his fellow grade twelve students. As one of the twelve reps, he is responsible for relaying information primarily about post-secondary and scholarships as well as communicating and addressing the needs of his fellow peers. Outside of SAC, Chase is the co-president of the botany club, and a member of the swim team, stage crew, baseball team, and comic book club. Chase is ecstatic about this very different and hopefully amazing last year at DMCI.

Grade Twelve Representative

Aroush Siddiqui

As this year’s other grade 12 representative, Aroush Siddiqui is fixated on helping her fellow grade twelves and giving them a senior year full of fun opportunities. Alongside Chase, she keeps the seniors updated on post-secondary information, including scholarships, university/college tour dates, and overall she makes sure that everyone is at ease with this new life they are about to set foot into. Beyond SAC, Aroush is the social media executive of the Me to We club, one of HOSA’s executives, and has previously been involved in Yearbook Club and Student Ambassadors. Although this school year has not been what most expected, she plans on working with SAC to make her and her peers’ final year at DMCI something worth remembering.