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Don Mills Collegiate Institute (GR. 09-12)

Omnia Per Scientiam -Through knowledge, all things are possible

Mission Statement of Don Mills Collegiate Institute

Empower members of a global community to:  Develop life-long learning skills. Make a positive contribution to society. Create an environment of respect and responsibility.  Imagine future success. 
Our school's emphasis is on student success. This emphasis is enhanced by modern science laboratories, a library learning commons, and state-of-the-art computer labs. The use of these supports enable students to learn skills for the 21st century.  Our goal is to help all our students achieve their personal best! 
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Phone:(416) 395-3190
Fax:(416) 395-3429
Address:15 the DonwayE, North York, ON, M3C 1X6
Principal:Arnold Witt
Vice-Principal(s):Geoffrey Vanek
Sandra Baker
Office Staff:Faith Loney
School Council Chair(s):Kedrin Case
Co-Chair: Andrew Mackay
Superintendent:Courtney Lewis
Learning Network:LN09
Trustee:Farzana Rajwani
Ward:Ward 14

Mission Statement

Empower members of a global community to:
Develop life-long learning skills
Make a positive contribution to society
Create an environment of respect and responsibility
Imagine and realize future success

Encourager les membres d’une communauté globale de:
Développer la compétence de continuer d’apprendre pendant toute leur vie
Montrer le désir de faire une contribution positive à la société
Créer un environnement de respect et de responsabilité
Imaginer et réaliser les réussites de l’avenir

Our Colours – Black, Gold, and White

Our Mascot – The Bruins

Our Motto – Omnia Per Scientiam (“Through knowledge, all things are possible”)

Coat of Arms

The Coat of Arms was the creation of Mr. John Roper, the first head of the Art Department of Don Mills Collegiate Institute. The Motto was inspired by Mr. Fred Oliver.

The following are excerpts from Mr. Roper’s description of the motif of the Coat of Arms:

“Our Coat of Arms is composed of the traditional Shield, Helmet, Mantling and, of course, Motto. Our shield is half-round in shape and is inclined slightly to the dexter or bearer’s right. This inclination is symbolic of the bearer’s efforts to follow what is right.

The surface of the Shield is called the Field and the various designs on it are known as the Chargers. The Field of our Coat is black with the heraldic ‘Sun in its Splendor’ as the Charge. The sun in its splendor, which is always gold with sixteen rays alternately straight and wavy, symbolizes light and power.

The Mantling is the elegant, flowing drapery, which at first served to protect the wearer of the helmet from the rays of the sun. The Mantling may be considered to represent the protection provided by knowledge, understanding, tolerance, moderation and wisdom; qualities which our school seeks to foster.

Beneath the Shield on a white band appears our school Motto: ‘OMNIA PER SCIENTIUM’, which means ‘Through knowledge, all things are possible’.”