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Don Mills has a wide choice of programs in the arts so students can explore their creative side.  We have both an excellent arts program and a specialized CyberArts Program at DMCI. 

Visual Arts and photography students have exhibited in galleries and venues such as the Royal Ontario Museum and Ontario Science Centre. Each year, photography students participate in the TDSB Contact Photography exhibit. Students also enjoy regular fieldtrips to galleries and museums as part of the curriculum.

In addition to the regular programs there are many after school programs in music and dance so that students can enjoy performing before an audience. The popular Show Choir has won many awards as has the music department’s Stage Band and Jazz Trio.

In Dramatic Arts the Improv Team has performed skits at Arts events and at galleries. The students participate in the city-wide Sears Drama Festival and have public performances of contemporary and historic plays within the school.


ACL - Blake McAlister blakely.mcalister@tdsb.on.ca

Music - Catherine Whiteside catherine.whiteside@tdsb.on.ca

Dramatic Arts - Lisa Morneau  lisa.morneau@tdsb.on.ca

Dramatic Arts - Jennifer Rayner jennifer.rayner@tdsb.on.ca

Visual Arts  - Janice Matheson janice.matheson@tdsb.on.ca

Visual Arts - Andrea Simpson andrea.simpson@tdsb.on.ca

Visual Arts - Mahsa Mani-Moghaddam  mahsa.mani-moghaddam@tdsb.on.ca

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