Student Activity Council

The SAC is a group of student-elected representatives that organize events and fundraisers for Don Mills. From School dances such as semi formal and prom, to our athletic banquet and Don Mills spirit wear sales, and dodgeball games with the police, we work around the clock to make DMCI one of the most fun schools in the TDSB. Our SAC is very active sponsoring many different clubs and activities throughout the year. They run charity fundraisers, lunchtime events, a semi-forma and provide character examples to help us set school tone and culture.  We are very lucky to have Mr. Ben Gross as our staff advisor to help us develop leadership skills. 

There is a student fee of $55 payable and details on what it contributes to are included here.

Students can find SAC online through the Student Outreach Facebook group, ask an SAC member to add you if you haven’t been already.

Follow SAC on twitter at @DonMillsSAC

We are always gathering info from our grade reps as well to let students know who they can reach out to with student community needs, to make sure each grade has a voice. 

Your 2017-2018 SAC

President: Ellen MacLaren

Ellen MacLaren is DMCI’s 2017 - 2018 SAC President. As President, Ellen is responsible for leading and organizing SAC in any and all events the council is needed for throughout the year. Apart from SAC, Ellen is involved in rugby, volleyball, and softball teams at DMCI, she has also worked on the Equity Action Committee and on the school’s Decolonizing initiative. Ellen is looking forward to a fun and eventful year, and working with the rest of SAC to make students at DMCI feel more comfortable around the school.

Vice-President: Li Peng Yu

Li Peng Yu will be your SAC Vice-President for the next school year of 2017-2018. As the VP Li Peng’s primary role is to provide support to the rest of the SAC members. He assists the President in organizing SAC when needed. Li Peng is involved in several commitments around the school including, Robotics Team, Sear’s Drama, DMCI Ambassadors. Li Peng hopes to make this year at DMCI the best one yet!

Treasurer: Avery Ryoo

Avery is a 12th grader that has somehow become this year's SAC treasurer. Per his job listing, he is responsible for managing SAC's funds and writing checks for various clubs and teams throughout the school. Avery is heavily involved in the music department, and is the president of Peer Tutoring. Even though he never knows what's going on, he promises to work hard and make his last year a decent one.

Secretary: Anna Asgaraly

As the secretary of SAC, Anna is responsible to keep SAC organized through recording minutes at each council meeting. She is a grade 12 student, currently enrolled in the CyberArts program. Being an arts enthusiast, she co-directs and co-produces DMCI’s all arts production: Ignite; involves herself in the Orbit Yearbook committee, while also being the Chief Branding Officer for the Junior Economist Club of Toronto. Anna looks forward to making this year great!

Fundraising Director: Kyra Mota-Kilgallon

As fundraiser, Kyra is responsible for the sale of school hoodies as well as other spirit-wear. Kyra is a grade 12 student at Don Mills who is actively involved throughout the school and will be President of DMCI’s Me to We chapter this year. She is excited to help make this school year a good one and (at 5’0) hopes she won’t fall short of your expectations.

Media and Technology Director: Danielle Fernandes

As this year's social media convenor, Danielle’s responsibility is to oversee and regulate all of SAC’s social media platforms. She hopes to help meet the needs of DMCI students through a steady online presence. Aside from her role in SAC, she is an executive member of Don Mills’ DECA and Me to We chapters. She is also heavily involved in the music department and participates in various other groups, such as the yearbook committee, varsity softball, track and field, and DMCI Ambassadors. Danielle is looking forward to serve and connect with the DMCI community!

Arts and Music Director: Wendy Zhang

Wendy is a grade 12 student and DMCI's arts convenor. In addition to organising this year's talent show, she is in charge of event posters, graphics, school merchandise design, and taking care of all other design needs. She is in the both the gifted and CyberARTS program, and spends the rest of her time in various musical extracurriculars where she makes sounds on the violin. Through her work with SAC she hopes to make DMCI look fabulous and inspire students to just have fun doing their thang.

Athletic Directors:

Marcus Winslow

Marcus is a responsible young leader ready to take on the task as this year’s male athletic convener. With the help of Tiffany Wong, Marcus will be co-president of the new Athletic Council. He will be helping to coordinate various school activities and events such as; intramurals, tournament BBQ’s, and mainly the athletic banquet. When he isn’t on the field crushing it, you can find him hitting the books.  

Tiffany Wong

Tiffany is an energetic individual who is thrilled to be this year's female athletic director. Alongside Marcus Winslow, Tiffany will be co-president of the newly introduced Athletic Council. She will be helping to coordinate various athletic events throughout the school year, organizing intramurals, and in particular, organizing athletic banquet. You can find her running all around the school, whether it's indoors or outdoors as she is a part of the track & field and cross-country team!

Student Voice/Clubs Director: Christina Poon

Christina Poon is this year’s club convener. Christina is responsible for informing the students everything DMCI has to offer. She acts as the ambassador to all cubs. She is a grade 12 student and is enrolled in the CyberARTS program. She enjoys being active at school. She is engaged in many extra-curriculums such as Orbit Yearbook, Ignite, Me-to-We and Best Buddies. Christina is looking forward to making this year great!

Social Justice and Equity Director: Natalee Veisi

Natalee, a grade eleven gifted student, will be serving as Don Mills' first social justice and equity convenor. As head of the Equity Action Committee, Natalee will be at the forefront of working towards the betterment of equity at Don Mills. Together, the EAC and SAC will lead various initiatives to promote the importance of social justice and change. Outside of SAC, Natalee does her part as a yearbook photographer and the vice president of Don Mills' DECA chapter. She is also an active member of the girls' volleyball team, co-ed badminton team, varsity softball team, Ignite, Me to We, and DMCI Ambassadors. Natalee looks forward to the bright year ahead!

Social Spirit Director: YouJin Kim

You-Jin is a Grade 11 gifted student in charge of making the school days a little bit more fun for each student. She is involved in many clubs, bands, and teams, such as the basketball team, DMCI Voice, DMCI Ambassadors, the softball team, Windstorm Ensemble, Ukelele Band, and Me to We. You-Jin is a responsible and social individual who perseveres in everything she does. She loves meeting new students and making new friends, and is looking forward to making the new school year fun for all students.

Grade 12 Reps:

Evelyn Zheng

Evelyn is a grade 12 gifted student at Don Mills and will be a grade 12 rep on SAC for the 2017-2018 school year. As a grade rep, Evelyn serves as a voice and representative for grade 12s, relaying the views of DMCI's senior students to SAC meetings. Outside of SAC, Evelyn is a Co-Director of DMCI Voice (often butchering names on the Tuesday morning announcements), President of Don Mills Green Initiative, and a fencer for team Canada.

Michael Hou

Being one of the two grade 12 representatives Michael’s responsibility is to actively communicate any issues, opinions, and concerns of the grade 12 population to the student council. As a grade 12 student, Michael looks forward to playing with the funk and concert band, participating in athletics and seeing where his photography inspiration goes. His goal this year will be to get more grade 12’s participating in student run activities.

Grade 11 Reps:

Joy Xu

Joy Xu is one of your grade eleven reps, and will be the liaison to connect the grade eleven student body with the activities of SAC, in order to fulfill the needs of the DMCI community. She is in the gifted program, and partakes in many extracurriculars, such as the soccer team, Me to We, stage band, best buddies, and many more! She is very friendly and ready to help you, so don’t hesitate to come to her with any questions/concerns. Excited for the coming 2017-2018 year, Joy can’t wait to make your year amazing!

Rose Lin

As one of the Grade Eleven Representatives for the 2017-2018 school year, Rose will provide a voice and help facilitate opportunities for the grade eleven population. With the rest of the SAC, she will work to make sure that students are strongly represented in every facet of Don Mills. Rose is currently in grade eleven and a member of Don Mills' gifted program. She is the vice president of Model UN and an executive member of Don Mills' DECA chapter and peer tutoring organization. Rose is also involved in Ignite, DMCI Ambassadors, and the varsity softball team. She is excited to make this year a great one!

Grade 10 Rep:

Aarabhi Krishnakumar

As the grade 10 rep, Aarabhi is responsible for gathering opinions and feedback from grade 10 students to organize and improve future SAC-related events. Aarabhi is very friendly and passionate about getting more people involved in the school community. Apart from doing the weekly announcements, Aarabhi was on the varsity girls softball team. Outside school, Aarabhi enjoys playing the violin, playing baseball and hockey, and teaching chess to younger kids.