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Student Activity Council

The SAC is a group of student-elected representatives that organize events and fundraisers for Don Mills. From School dances such as semi formal and prom, to our athletic banquet and Don Mills spirit wear sales, and dodgeball games with the police, we work around the clock to make DMCI one of the most fun schools in the TDSB. Our SAC is very active sponsoring many different clubs and activities throughout the year. They run charity fundraisers, lunchtime events, a semi-forma and provide character examples to help us set school tone and culture.  We are very lucky to have Mr. Ben Gross as our staff advisor to help us develop leadership skills. 

There is a student fee of $55 payable and details on what it contributes to are included here.

Students can find SAC online through the Student Outreach Facebook group, ask an SAC member to add you if you haven’t been already.

Follow SAC on twitter at @DonMillsSAC

Your 2016-2017 SAC

We are always gathering info from our grade reps as well to let students know who they can reach out to with student community needs, to make sure each grade has a voice. 

Umaiyahl Nageswaran: President
As the SAC president, Umaiyahl is responsible for organizing Prom, as well as overseeing and managing all other SAC related events and activities. She is a grade 12 student in the gifted program here at Don Mills. She enjoys being active in the school, and is part of many clubs and teams offered here, including Peer Tutoring, Cross Country, Track and Field, and as captain of the varsity girls softball team. She's looking to make this year great!

Tariq Khalid: Vice President
Tariq Khalid will be your vice president for the 2016-2017 school year. He will be primarily responsible for organizing the semi-formal dance. He is a very reliable and sociable individual who gets the job done within the given time frame. In addition he engages in extracurriculars such as track & field and soccer.

Olivia Hamilton: Treasurer
As the SAC treasurer, Olivia's job is to count funds raised by SAC and to handle cheque requests made by various extracurriculars. Basically, she keeps count of the money at Don Mills CI. Olivia is the only SAC member in grade 11 and is enrolled in the CyberARTS program. She is an avid member of Me to We and she delivers the morning announcements weekly. She loves to dive, draw, read and watch television in her spare time! Olivia is looking to make this year fabulous!.

Seairra Nemecek: Secretary
Seairra, being SAC secretary, possesses the role of recording minutes at each of the council meetings. She's a member of the gifted program and is actively involved with both the school's arts and athletic departments as she predominantly enjoys both the dramatic arts and rugby. This year she is also taking on the executive role as the President of DMCI’s HOSA team and is very excited for the 2016/17 school year.

Nassel Roxas: Athletic Director
Nassel Roxas is this year's Athletic Director. He will help to plan the several athletic events taking place throughout the year, and be the go-to for the various sports teams DMCI has to offer. Nassel has competed for and managed our volleyball, cross country and track and field teams; be sure to catch him out on the court, or around the track! Go Bruins!

David Li: Student Voice/ Club Director
David, a grade 12 gifted student, is the SAC club representative. Informing students of everything DMCI has to offer, he serves as the ambassador to all co-curriculars and acts as the liaison between their members and SAC. He is highly involved in a variety of clubs at DMCI, doing his part as co-president of DMCI's DECA chapter, head photographer of the yearbook committee, and director of the woodwind ensemble. He is also an active member of various other groups, such as the boys' volleyball team, track and field team, Me-to-We, and DMCI Ambassadors. David looks forward to making this year a great one!

Noah Peng: Social/Spirit Director

Noah is an active and enthusiastic student at DMCI who also holds the position of Social and Spirit director on SAC. He is a grade 12 student who is currently in the gifted program. Noah is a member of many teams such as the track and field team as well as the ski and snowboard team. He also enjoys participating in competitions such as DECA and FBLA. Noah is really excited and dedicated to working to create an awesome year for the student body.

Teodora Popescu: Arts and Music Director
As the school's Arts and Music director, Teodora Popescu is in charge of overlooking artistic and musical performances in the school, such as the talent show, and creating posters and designs for school attire. Teodora is a grade 12 student in both the gifted and CyberARTS program. She enjoys getting involved in the school and playing sports such as rugby and cross country. Teodora is excited to help out the school and it's students this year.

Reese Gaghadar: Fundraising Director

Reese coordinates various fundraising efforts including but not limited to school spirit wear. He is a grade 12 student that looks forward to taking a larger role in school activities through his involvement in this year's SAC.  He is excited to work with the other members of SAC to do all they can to make this a fantastic year.

Ian Le: Media and Technology Director
Ian is the Media and Technology Director, covering events all around the school and taking care of social media. When he's not behind the lens, he's doing DECA, playing sports, or responding to you with terrible jokes such as "hi hungry, I'm Ian."
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