Alexmuir Junior Public School






At Alexmuir we recognize that play is a right!

Loose parts are a wonderful addition to our school yard.They provide complexity and compound flexibility, as children continuously discover and re-invent how they use the materials. With our play policy we aim to create a supportive environment and strengthen student resiliency, imagination, creativity and learning.

Play is an integral and necessary part of a child’s healthy development. Play is required in the development of a variety of cognitive and social skills, in addition to the development of mental and physical health.

Alexmuir’s Play Policy

- We are committed to an ongoing discussion about play so we can continuously grow and change.

- Play is freely-chosen, personally directed and intrinsically motivated.

- Our school acknowledges that taking risks is an essential step in the development of the child. We will work from a shared understanding of risk (beneficial part of childhood) vs. hazard (offers no benefits).

- Adults in our school will encourage children to consider risks and consequences in order for students to make their own decisions for play.

- We believe our play landscape should offer a variety of play possibilities; for physical challenges, space to be active, space to be social and space for quiet reflection.

- We play in all kinds of weather at Alexmuir and come prepared to enjoy the outdoors. 


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Alexmuir Junior P.S. supports the development of the whole child. At a monthly assembly, we celebrate the  positive social and emotional characteristics that support Character Education.

Our Monthly Character Values are:

Respect – September

Responsibility - October

Empathy - November

Kindness & Caring – December

Teamwork – January

Fairness - February

Honesty - March

Co-operation - April

Integrity – May

Perseverance – June