School Council

School Council

School Council plays a vital role in the life of the school. The partnership between parents & guardians and school staff is key to supporting all students over their 4 years in secondary school. 

School Council meets several times over the school year to review and discuss current events and issues at school. This is a forum for open dialogue with a focus on improving the experiences Birchmount Park C.I. provides for students. Your input is very important.

The first school council meeting is scheduled for: Wednesday September 28, 2022 
All parents and guardian are invited to the library at 6:30 p.m.

Last Year's Appointed Members of School Council Executive

Anna Sidiropoulos Co chair
Lana Miller Co chair
Kris Pourmatin Co Secretary
Olivera Bay Co Secretary


Council Members: France Bragado, Kris Pourmatin, Cheryl McConney-Wilson, Kenya Martelly, Anna Sidiropoulos, Deborah Knight, Samia Sugyan Syed, Ying Ong, Gloria Morgan, Arianna Richards, Latoya Richards, Lana Miller, Tony Lin, Olivera Bay, Alex Pasidis, Christopher S Shambrook.:

Please consider joining our next school council meeting.


September 2019