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Art Club

Denise Chan

Thursdays/Fridays (for now)

Rm 153


Google Classroom Code: i44tkje

Best Buddies


Black Student Alliance

C. Gregorio

C. Fenton

S. Samuels

Tuesdays at lunch Rm 113


Google Classroom Code: uismaq4

Board Game Lunch Club



Every Friday at lunch

Math Club

Vasile Radu

Gabriela Ignat

Rm 204

Rm 207 (at lunch)

Chess Club

Andrew Jimenez


Rm 211

Chess Team

Andrew Jimenez

We have one. Approaching other schools for friendly matches (no formal season)

Rm 211

Computer Science Team

Andrew Jimenez

Thurs/Fri after school

ECOO usually in May

Rm 211

Christian Fellowship

Glenn Duncan

Gabriela Ignat

Fridays a lunch in the BEAP room

Eco Club

Joseph Chalil

Rudy De Simas


Fashion Show                                    


We have started, looking for designers, TBD, if there’s students interested, please email

Girls Club


Every Wednesday at Lunch

Rm 126

Licensed to Learn (L2L)

Queenie Gao

First Wednesday of each month, virtually after school


Training registration is now closed, but tutees can still sign up here:

Music - Small piano/vocal ensembles

Allison Dye

Fridays at lunch in keyboard room (229). All vocalists and pianists are welcome. Sign up on the door of the keyboard room for the current week.

Muslim Student Association

Alison Turnbull

Thursdays at lunch/after school

Peer Leaders

Jo Grundy

Jen Munro

Students must be referred by a classroom teacher. Or please see guidance for details.

Science or Robotics Club


TBD if there’s students interested, please see mr Wang in LAB 25

Stage Crew

Harris Sygounas

If you are interested in going please see Mr Sygounas in room 164

Queer/Straight Alliance (QSA)

Rudy De Simas

Jennifer Munro

Wednesdays at lunch in the Safe Space Room (102B)

Skills Challenge

Chris Rhora

Harris Sygounas

Alison Turnbull


Spirit Weeks

Jo Grundy

Jen Munro



Ryan Petroff

Shelley Samuels

After School Mondays and Wednesdays

Rm 126

Wang's Cup Table Hockey Tournament


TBD if there’s students interested, please email

Weight Room Open Invitation

Kiel Nizich




Mondays in the Weight Room

White Pine Reading Club

Vanesa Vila

Library - every other Wednesday afterschool (see library google classroom k4fpeje or school calendar for dates)

Meet link:


Theresa Van Nest
Susan Larrat Smith


Marisa DiCola Crawford