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YOUTHLINK offers a range of services from prevention and early intervention to treatment, for young people between the ages of 12-24 and their families/caregivers living in the amalgamated City of Toronto .

Our current range of services and programs includes individual, family and group counselling, school-based programs, community work, residential services and resources for street involved youth. Referrals for service can be initiated either by the young person or family as well as by community agencies and professionals. Access to services depends on wait lists, which are up-dated regularly. Youth and families/caregivers are invited to call to inquire about their status on the wait list. Walk-in service provided for street involved youth at Inner City (see Inner City Program Overview).

All of our services are voluntary, confidential and free of charge.

YOUTHLINK staff have a variety of educational backgrounds, experience and expertise. YOUTHLINK employs social workers and child and youth workers as well as a consulting psychiatrist. YOUTHLINK appreciates the complexity of the difficulties young people are dealing with. The staff at YOUTHLINK constantly evaluate the need for multidisciplinary input during the treatment process. YOUTHLINK has developed a network of resources whereby staff can access the required disciplines not available within our agency. In addition, other agencies that are within the community and that may have previously provided service to the youth or family are encouraged to participate in the treatment process when this best meets the needs of the youth and his/her family/caregivers

TURNING POINT YOUTH SERVICES is a multi-service accredited children's mental health centre. We are located in Toronto 's downtown core and provide a range of mental health, counselling and support services to at-risk and vulnerable youth 12-24 and their families.

Based on a service philosophy that highlights the importance of the individual, family and community, Turning Point responds to the life difficulties faced by our clients. We support our client's ability to cope and make better life choices through the availability of a comprehensive network of community based and residential programs and services. All of our services are voluntary, confidential and free of charge.

To find out more about our range of programs and services, please click on our services section, or contact our Intake Department at 416-925-9250.

At East Metro Youth Services we understand that the teenage years aren’t always easy. Often, the earlier you decide to do something about the issues that concern you, the easier it is to successfully resolve them. 

EMYS can support you in dealing with mental illness, learning disabilities, substance abuse, sexuality, depression, and low self-esteem. We can help you sort out family conflicts and other relationship problems; and help you cope with the loss of a loved one. If you are witnessing, experiencing, or perpetrating bullying, violence, or abuse, we can help there, too. Feelings of isolation, suicidal thoughts, tendencies to self-harm, and an inability to express anger are issues you no longer need to face alone. 

EMYS offers counselling, residential, community outreach, day treatment and other services. Please contact their intake worker to enquire about services.

SHEENA’S PLACE is a privately funded community agency treating eating disorders. They offer educational programs as well as group support for families and teens suffering from anorexia or bulimia. Participation is based on self-referral. Professional service providers are experienced and may themselves have suffered from eating disorders. The services are offered at no charge.

TROPICANA is a community agency serving residents of Toronto from the Black and Caribbean communities. 

Services focus on providing individuals/families with the necessary tools to build and reinforce positive self-esteem, self-confidence and independence. Specialties include counselling for victims of domestic violence; settlement services. 

Each One Teach One mentoring is one of the programs of Tropicana's Youth Department. In addition, Tropicana offers recreational programs for young people and also administers the Scarborough Youth Resource Centre, which is a one-stop shop for youth issues. 

Increase Your Success is a Saturday morning tutoring programme run by volunteers. The program concentrates on Math and Language Arts and serves those from kindergarten to OAC. During the March break and summer, Camp Tropicana offers a safe and enriching environment filled with cultural activities, sports, arts and crafts.

SHONIKER CLINIC is a mental health outpatient clinic for children, youth and their families that offers assessment and treatment. Issues as varied as ADHD, depression, anxiety and behavioural disorders are diagnosed at this clinic. Psychiatrists and social workers typically treat the patients. A family doctor’s referral is required and is sent by fax to: 416/281-7465. The catchment area is Scarborough and Pickering.

Youth Assisting Youth (YAY) is a community-based program that matches youth volunteers, aged 16 - 29, in a one-to-one relationship with "at risk" or vulnerable children, aged 6 - 15. These children are experiencing social, emotional, behavioural or cultural adjustment problems. The goal of the organization is to provide a positive role model through a "special friend" relationship. Since 1976, YAY's unique service has served over 13,000 children and youth. 

The program provides on-going support for the volunteers and the parents of children involved in the program. Through regular contact, the Case Coordinators and the Parent Support Workers help resolve issues that affect the youth/child match. Workshops on issues such as Mentoring, Substance Abuse Awareness, Child Abuse Awareness, Multicultural and Diversity Awareness, and Child Management Skills provide important information for volunteers.

Mobile Crisis Service 
If you live in Ontario and are worried about the immediate safety and mental health of a child - no matter what the time or day - you can call Youthdale's Psychiatric Crisis Services and speak with a trained professional. Youthdale responds to each crisis call with a speedy intervention, including mobile response to the child's residence. Our clinicians focus on assessing and reducing a child's risk of harming himself or others, identifying underlying biological and psycho-social concerns, reinforcing family supports, and helping parents find additional help in their communities 

Youthdale Treatment Centre
Youthdale provides comprehensive, integrated mental health services to troubled children and their families. Our clinical staff provides specialized assessments of children for families and other professionals. We simplify access to services by connecting families with the right programs both at Youthdale and in their communities. Youthdale is a non-profit, charitable community agency funded by the Ministry of Community, Family and Children's Services. Our organization is run by a central administration and overseen by a public Board of Directors. 

We provide a wide spectrum of clinical services, ranging from outpatient consultation and residential treatment to psychiatric crisis response. Our mandate also includes research into new approaches for helping troubled youth and their families. We offer a "continuum of treatment", where integrated services simplify access and allow families to focus on their children's well-being.

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Substance Abuse Outreach Program
The Adolescent Substance Abuse Outreach Program (ASAOP) at the Hospital for Sick Children provides outpatient assessment, treatment and management of youth who are either using drugs and/or alcohol or who are affected by someone in their family who is using substances. 

The program is housed in the hospital and includes access to medical care with a physician from Adolescent Medicine assigned to the program. The program also has a strong outreach component with two main foci: 1) reaching potential clients who would not otherwise have known about or been referred to the program; and 2) informing and educating members of the lay and professional communities about available services and raising the level of understanding about the field in general. 


Location: 7th Floor, Hill Wing


YSAP is a self-referral agency with no fees, assisting youth and their families with substance abuse issues. The counselling occurs with the youth, but the family members may be seen initially to assist with the process of the referral and treatment. The approach is one of harm reduction where the youth is taught about the substance(s) and then helped to stop using. It is voluntary and confidential.