Scholarships and Awards

Scholarships and Awards


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There are many Scholarships and Awards available to students entering post-secondary studies.
Awards can be based on Academic achievement, citizenship, commitment to school and community, heritage and financial need.

Click here for Birchmount Park's list of Scholarships that may be applicable to you. This list does not have any scholarships that are specific to a Post- secondary Institution.

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E-Info has a comprehensive list of scholarships that are specific to each University in Ontario

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5 Tips for Scholarship Success


  1. Know where to look
    Check your college or university’s financial aid department for potential scholarships. Take advantage of online resources such as that match you to available scholarships. And, if you are in high school, check to see what scholarships are available to graduating students.
  2. Be open-minded
    Not all scholarships are based on academic standing. Some scholarships reward civic engagement, leadership experience, your heritage, affiliations, or a particular skill.
  3. Tap your network
    You may find scholarships are offered by your employer, sports league or your bank. Ask your parents if their employers offer scholarships to children of employees.
  4. Plan ahead and start early
    Be prepared to spend time filling out scholarship criteria. There are often essays, questionnaires and school transcripts to submit, so give yourself enough time to prepare.
  5. Be thorough
    Proofread your application and ensure you followed all the instructions. Ask friends and family to review your application as well before you send it.