Online Guidance Appointments

Requesting an Appointment - Instructions



  1. Click the Login with Google button and enter your TDSB Student Email Address credentials. Click NEXT.
  2. Click Request Appointment at the top of the page if it is not already selected
  3. Select a reason you need a guidance appointment from the list
  4. If you would like your guidance counsellor to have additional information about your request, enter that information in the Note to Guidance Counsellor box
  5. Select a guidance counsellor, your counsellor should be selected by default
  6. Click View Appointments
  7. Click on an appointment time to schedule that appointment

For More Instructions about Signing In, Adding a Cellphone #, Requesting an Appointment, and Checking Appointment Times click on the button for a detailed instruction sheet.


student portal screenshot


request a guidance appointment screenshot




Cedarbrae's Guidance Team (2023/2024)

The Guidance Department can be reached at (416) 396-4400, extension 20040

Parents are encouraged to call the guidance office to set up an appointment with their child’s guidance counsellor


Counsellors: (We work with students according to their last names)

Guidance counsellors' information
Counsellor Name Student Last Name Extension Email
Suzanne Beck A – G ex. 20045
Martino Di Carlo H – PAS ex. 20044
Dawn Dodham (ACL) PAT - Z ex. 20041
Sabrina Giovannelli (Guidance Secretary)   ex. 20040


Social Worker:

  • Ms. Brenda Johnson

Child and Youth Workers:

Settlement Workers: