CVMS School Song


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Cummer Valley's School Song

Here we gather every day
Our quest for knowledge paves the way
We learn what it means to share
Make friendships lasting through the years
Here at Cummer Valley

In our hearts we all believe
There's so much we can achieve
With the Future Aces Creed
We know we can all succeed
Here at Cummer Valley

At Cummer Valley
We know we all belong
At Cummer Valley
Our school spirit keeps us strong.
We celebrate our victories
Take pride in our abilities
Cummer Valley
We’re “Home of Champions!”

There's so much here to explore
We will open up the doors
Seize the opportunities
Being all that we can be... at Cummer Valley

At Cummer Valley
We uphold the character traits
We will do our part to make this world a better place
We strive for a "green” community
Helping those who are in need
At Cummer Valley
What a difference we can make
Cummer Valley
Our school is really great!

© 2010, V. Hugh-Tomsic