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Guidance Info & Links

Build Your Future

The TDSB Guidance Program and Services Department is pleased to announce the arrival of the “Build Your Future: Individual Career/Life Planner” for students in Grades 7–10. This planner provides students, parents/guardians and educators with valuable information about a wide range of opportunities available to students as they move from elementary to secondary school and beyond. The resource is designed to be useful, as students prepare to make their course selections, consider experiential learning opportunities, navigate their post-secondary pathway and engage in career/life planning.

The planner includes information about steps students can take to plan their future, learn about the fields of work from which they can consider a future occupation, understand career development and the post-secondary pathways available (apprenticeship, university, college and work including community living). The BUILD YOUR FUTURE website, along with resources myBlueprint and Career Cruising, are designed to assist students to Look In (learn more about themselves), Look Out (learn more about the opportunities out in the world), and Look Ahead (plan for the future).Websites:

For Career Cruising, the login is Cummer and the username is Valley

 Choices for Nine - Transition from Grade 8 to 9 information Session

Choices for Nine (pdf)

Other links

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Information for Grade 8 students

As the Grade 8 students prepare for the transition from middle school to high school, there are several important pieces of information to remember. Applying to special programs:

If students are applying to special programs, please check all deadlines and application requirements. Each special program, such as TOPS, MACS, Claude Watson, etc., has its own requirements and deadlines. Specific questions about each of these programs should be addressed to the individual high school. Optional attendance forms to these programs can be brought to Cummer Valley’s main office to be signed.Optional attendance to regular high schools:

The optional attendance process for regular high schools will start during the second week of January. The TDSB will release a list of all regular high schools accepting applications within the first two weeks of January. When this list becomes available, students will be able to apply to up to two schools. The optional attendance forms will be available at Cummer Valley’s main office. Checking your home school:

To check your home school designation, please go to and click on the "Find Your School" link at the top of the page. 

Or go to the search by address option at and enter your street name to see your home school.