CyberARTS Specialized Program

CyberArts @ Don Mills CICyberARTS at Don Mills C.I. is a multi-disciplinary, integrated four year arts and technology program with entry at grade nine and concluding after grade twelve. The integrated, project-based curriculum develops artistic and academic skills while encouraging self-esteem, independent work habits and creative / critical thinking.

The CyberARTS program offers a leading edge curriculum which is designed to maximize student potential and achievement through a variety of expanded opportunities which address industry standards in graphic design, multimedia, animation, industrial design, desktop publishing, web design/programming, architectural design, fashion design and new media. CyberARTS is delivered in a project-based, student-driven, enriched environment, allowing students to integrate artistic expression and knowledge of design with technical experience combining the Fine Arts with Computer Technology and Communication Media.

CyberARTS students have been awarded numerous scholarships, fellowships, awards and positions of responsibility beyond their years. Moreover the media has consistently celebrated the achievements of our CyberARTS students and staff. CyberARTS has received international, national, provincial and community visitations in recognition of the quality programming. These accomplishments are indicative of our program’s success.

Courses of study include the Visual Arts, Integrated and Communication Technology, Cyber Geography, Cyber History and Cyber Civics and Careers.

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