Experiential Learning


The projects and types of work the Green Industries (THJ) students and Tech Design (TDJ) Students and (IDC) Portfolio students are doing in our experiential education program include:
  • Co-operative Education
  • Dual Credits
  • Aquaculture
  • Technological Design
  • Construction Skills
  • Horticulture and Landscaping
  • Design and Art
  • Photography 
  • Fashion and Textiles
  • Pottery
  • Safety Training
  • Greenhouse Development
  • DMCI Greening Projects - Areas of the school are being developed for green initiatives with eco-connections and innovations such as the outdoor classroom and garden where the food produced is shared with local community organizations.
For more information, please contact ACL Daniel Kunanec or teachers Danuta Peruga and Michael Rankin. The course explanation pamphlet is available here. 

The Connections and Innovations experiential education department just collaborated on a great community event for the Don Mills Street Festival. They've also been doing many initiatives in the greening of the school, and working with our DD program to have THJ students mentoring DD students taking on planting and maintenance tasks. We've always got fantastic things going on. 

At Don Mills Collegiate Institute, green industries is one of the courses that are very unique to the school. Teaching Concepts including agriculture, aquaculture, landscaping and greening overall, it's a very lively course and is admired by students at DMCI. Consisting of an attractive pond in the courtyard, a wonderful tilapia pond, the greenhouse, the planting areas, the walkways, the hallways and other areas around the school, it provides a one-of-a-kind learning experience with numerous hands-on activities. With the type of unique environment at DMCI, students are taught thoroughly about the idea of green industries. We also do associated projects in photography and computers. So, if you're planning on a career associated with the environment, biology, science, or nature, then the green industries course at DMCI is the place for you.

"Tech design enables students to combine our creative sides with practical uses. I learned different way to express myself through fascinating projects such as pottery, making models, and drawing in Google SketchUp. DMCI tech design gives students a fun and interactive welcome into the world of design."

This Interdisciplinary Studies option is an unique locally-developed course that supports our students for developing their own design career paths with innovation and dynamic integration through experiential learning.