Welcome to English at Don Mills!

We're pleased to offer a variety of courses designed to not only inspire a love of literature and media arts, but also to help our students thrive as effective communicators. To meet the needs of all students, we offer Gifted, Academic, Applied, and Locally Developed courses at a variety of levels. For those who love creative writing, we recommend Writer's Craft, which students can take in grade 12.

Contact Information
Phone Number: 416-395-3190 ex.20090


Theodra Baltov-Panamsky Theodora.Baltov-Panamsky@tdsb.on.ca
Jamie Blatt James.Blatt@tdsb.on.ca
Heather Byrnes Heather.Byrnes@tdsb.on.ca
Christine Calhoun Christine.Calhoun@tdsb.on.ca
Bruce Forsyth Bruce.Forsyth@tdsb.on.ca
Cheryl Kolber Cheryl.Kolber@tdsb.on.ca

Potential Courses 

   Grade 9  Grade 10  Grade 11 Grade 12
Gifted ENG1D6 ENG2D6 ENG3U6 ENG4U6
Academic ENG1D1 ENG2D1    
Applied  ENG1P1 ENG2P1    
Locally Developed  ENG1L1 ENG2L1 ENG3E1 ENG4E1
University      ENG3U1  ENG4U1
College     ENG3C1  ENG4C1 
Open       OLC4O1