Social & Global Studies

Social & Global Studies

The Canadian and World Studies / Social Science and Humanities department at Don Mills C.I. is dedicated to building student-centred classrooms. Students develop creative and critical thinking skills through simulations, role-plays, debates, discussions, and document analysis. Students also enjoy the opportunity to incorporate information technology into class projects.

The Canadian and World studies program encompasses five subjects: economics, geography, history, law, and politics. In studying these subjects, students learn how people interact with and within their social and physical environments today, and how they did so in the past.

The social sciences, represented at Don Mills by courses in parenting, family studies, philosophy, anthropology, sociology and psychology explore individual and collective human behaviour and needs, and patterns and trends in society.

"In Canadian History we learn about the formation of Canada, including past wars, disputes, issues, and Canadians lived in the past.  Through creative assignments, engaging class discussion, and information research, we explore our colourful history while learning many important skills that will be useful for other courses and our futures. It's important to know where you came from with Canadian history." Student - Michelle Dong

"Don Mills provides students in grade 9 through 12 with valuable knowledge of our green and blue planet. Geography is an important subject and teaches students not only about the subject but also important life and learning skills. In geography class, students at DMCI explore the lands and environment with exciting projects. It's a fun class that all students enjoy. Don't be a geomuggle and join the wonderful geography classes at Don Mills C.I.!" Student - Vinuli De Silva