General Alert
The Government of Ontario announced that all schools in the province, including those at the TDSB, will be moving to remote learning following the April break.
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Yonge-Eglinton Phase 2 Review

(April 2021)

A new Yonge-Eglinton Phase 2 Program Area Review Team has been established to continue looking at accommodation solutions to address overcrowding at Eglinton Jr PS, and will include consideration of the Bannockburn building to resolve ongoing accommodation pressures in the Yonge-Eglinton area. 

A previous review team was established in early 2019, but was paused in April 2019 after changes were announced by the Province affecting secondary school class sizes and funding. At the same time, a system-wide French Review and a Secondary Program Review were being undertaken. Directives coming out of those system reviews have now been incorporated into staff’s work to address the accommodation pressures impacting local schools in this area.

A webpage has been set-up to provide more information about this review:

Daily At-Home Health Screening

All parents and guardians must screen their children at home daily for any COVID-19 symptoms. Please use one of these methods for at-home daily health screening:

  1. TDSB’s Health Screening app for your Apple Device or your Android Device
  2. The TDSB's Service Now website
  3. TDSB's Health Screening Paper Pass (Revised February 2021)

Every child who has one or more COVID-19 symptoms is expected to stay home and follow the Toronto Public Health (TPH) COVID Guidelines. TPH now requires the parents of a child who has one or more new, or worsening COVID-19 symptoms to:

  • Keep the child at home and arrange for testing or contact their health care provider.
  • Keep the entire family at home if one person is sick with COVID-19 symptoms

If your child has COVID-19 symptoms, please review and follow the direction in Toronto Public Health’s Updated COVID-19 Decision Guide for Schools(Version 3.2. Updated February 23, 2021)

Please complete the Back to School Confirmation Form (February 26, 2021) from Toronto Public Health to confirm that your child is safe to return to school.

Read more about Daily Health Screening.

Info About Redirected Addresses

(June 26, 2020)

In June 2018, the TDSB Special Planning and Priorities committee recommended that Whitney Junior Public School be the designated elementary school for students residing in 9 residential developments being built in the Eglinton attendance area. 

Please keep in mind that newly constructed buildings often have their addresses changed by developers between the planning and occupancy stages. 

Please refer to the TDSB street guide for the most up-to-date address and school information (

What if I already live at a redirected address?

  1. If you live at one of the redirected addresses and your child isn’t registered at Eglinton, you will be redirected to your home school below to register your child.
  2. If you live in one of the redirected addresses and your child is currently attending Eglinton PS, they will finish the current school year at Eglinton and then transition to their home school for the start of the next school year in September 2020.

Here is the updated list of redirected buildings. Please contact the school to arrange registration and school bus transportation.

85 Broadway Avenue (Redirected to Rippleton PS)

95 Broadway Avenue (Redirected to Whitney PS)

99 Broadway Avenue (Redirected to Whitney PS)

33 Dunfield Ave (Redirected to Whitney PS)

8 Eglinton Avenue E (Redirected to Whitney PS)

14-16 Elvina Gardens (Redirected to Rippleton PS)

101 Erskine Avenue (Redirected to Whitney PS)

18-30 Erskine Avenue (Redirected to Whitney PS)

8 Hillsdale Avenue East (Redirected to Whitney PS)

200-214 Keewatin Avenue (Redirected to Rippleton PS)

11 Lillian Street (Redirected to Whitney PS)

44 Lillian Street (Redirected to Whitney PS)

71 Redpath Avenue (Redirected to Rippleton PS)

125 Redpath Avenue (Redirected to Whitney PS)

150 Redpath Avenue (Redirected to Whitney PS)

15 Roehampton Avenue (Redirected to Whitney PS)

161 Roehampton Avenue (Redirected to Whitney PS)

5 Soudan Avenue (Redirected to Whitney PS)

2221 Yonge Street (Redirected to Whitney PS)

Read more about the 2015 Yonge-Eglinton Review.

Read more about the addresses being redirected to Whitney PS

Read more about the addresses being redirected to Rippleton PS.

Maurice Cody PS-Eglinton JPS Boundary Change

The attendance boundary change for the area of the South East corner of Mount Pleasant and Eglinton comes into effect for September 2019.  If you live in this area, Maurice Cody is your home school. 

Please refer to the TDSB street guide for the most up-to-date address and school information (

To find out how to register your child or to get more information, please email or call the school at (416) 393-9240

This change was recommended in the 2015 Yonge-Eglinton Program Area Review and was approved by Trustees at a May 23, 2018 board meeting. Read a copy of the letter shared with the community in May 2018

Northlea-Eglinton Boundary Change

The Northlea-Eglinton Boundary change comes into effect for September 2020, with the Northlea boundary expanded to include both sides of Cardiff Road. For the 2019-2020 school year, families living in this area can opt to attend Northlea or remain at Eglinton.  Read about this decision.

Please refer to the TDSB street guide for the most up-to-date address and school information (