Eglinton Junior Public School

Can My Child Attend Eglinton Junior Public School?

Eglinton Junior Public School is closed to Optional Attendance for the 2023-2024 school year.  This means that we can only register students who live in our attendance area and who reside at addresses that are not currently redirected to other schools

Visit TDSB's Find Your School web page to see if you live in our attendance area.

How Can I Register My Child?

New registrations are initiated with the the TDSB's Online Registration system, with follow up from our office via email or Zoom.  For more information about the registration process, please visit the TDSB's Registration web page.

To start a new registration, visit the TDSB's Online Registration websites (Kindergarten or Grades 1 to 12). Once you have completed an online registration, please email our office staff, Ms. Martino ( and Ms. Gioris ( so they can follow up to complete the registration for our school.

Need Before and After School Childcare? Visit Central Eglinton Children's Centre (CECC) CECC is our childcare partner who operates toddler, pre-school, Kindergarten and School-Age programs for students who are eligible to attend Eglinton Junior Public School.

Learn about Before and After School Programs (4 to 12 years) in the TDSB.

Redirected Addresses

(Updated March 2020)

Since June 2018, the TDSb has been redirecting students from new residential developments being built in the Eglinton to Whitney Junior Public School and Rippleton Public School.

Please keep in mind that newly constructed buildings often have their addresses changed by developers between the planning and occupancy stages. 

Please refer to the TDSB street guide for the most up-to-date address and school information (

What if I already live at a redirected address?

  1. If you live at one of the redirected addresses and your child isn’t registered at Eglinton, you will be redirected to your home school below to register your child.
  2. If you live in one of the redirected addresses and your child is currently attending Eglinton PS, they will finish the current school year at Eglinton and then transition to their home school for the start of the next school year in September.

Here is the updated list of redirected buildings. Please contact the school to arrange registration and school bus transportation.

99 Broadway Avenue (Redirected to Whitney PS*Returning to Eglinton JPS in September 2023

33 Dunfield Avenue (Redirected to Whitney PS, *Returning to Eglinton JPS in September 2023

50 Dunfield Avenue (Redirected to Rippleton PS)

8 Eglinton Avenue E (Redirected to Whitney PS)

14-16 Elvina Gardens (Redirected to Rippleton PS)

101 Erskine Avenue (Redirected to Whitney PS)

18-30 Erskine Avenue (Redirected to Whitney PS)

197 Erskine Avenue (Redirected to Rippleton PS)

8 Hillsdale Avenue East (Redirected to Whitney PS)

25 Holly Street (Redirected to Rippleton PS)

200-214 Keewatin Avenue (Redirected to Rippleton PS)

11 Lillian Street (Redirected to Whitney PS *Returning to Eglinton JPS in September 2023

44 Lillian Street (Redirected to Whitney PS *Returning to Eglinton JPS in September 2023

71 Redpath Avenue (Redirected to Rippleton PS)

125 Redpath Avenue (Redirected to Whitney PS *Returning to Eglinton JPS in September 2023

191 -195 Redpath Avenue (Redirected to Whitney PS *Returning to Eglinton JPS in September 2023

200 Redpath Avenue (Redirected to Rippleton PS)

15 Roehampton Avenue (Redirected to Whitney PS)

41 Roehampton Avenue (Redirected to Rippleton PS)

89 Roehampton Avenue (Redirected to Rippleton PS)

161 Roehampton Avenue (Redirected to Whitney PS *Returning to Eglinton JPS in September 2023

5 Soudan Avenue (Redirected to Whitney PS)

2221 Yonge Street (Redirected to Whitney PS)

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