Reporting Your Child's Absence

Reporting Your Child's Absence

The TDSB’s Safe Arrival Program uses an automated system that calls and/or emails parents about absences as soon as our classroom attendance is completed, which is 9:15 am for the morning and 12:45 pm for the afternoon.  The system continues to call/email until it reaches a parent or guardian.  

If your child is going to be absent for any reason, please let the Office know in advance or as soon as you can. You can call Cathie or Vicki at (416) 393-9315 during school hours, leave a voicemail after school hours or you can email  and 

(Please be sure to copy both.) 

Read more about Student Attendance and Safe Arrival in the TDSB.


School Breaks: Leaving Early/Returning Later

If your child will be leaving school early, or returning later before/after a holiday or break (Winter Break, March Break, Passover/Easter, end of the year in June, etc.) please email the office so we are aware of the extended absence. (Otherwise the attendance system will make calls until it reaches you.) 


Please email and with a copy to the Principal.