Roles and Responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities

Parent Representatives

The parent representatives are voting members who:

  • participate on any committees established by the school council
  • contribute to the discussions of the school council
  • solicit the views of other parents and members of the community to share with the school council

This is YOU if you have: a desire to support our families so they can support their children achieve at school, an interest in being involved in committees like Family Engagement and Fundraising, and an ability to connect with other parents/families so that their thoughts and needs are heard and represented in decision-making.


The treasurer keeps proper records of all monies that are collected and spent by the school council. The treasurer will:

  • record all financial transactions
  • present quarterly and year-end financial statements to the council
  • follow standard reporting and accounting procedures

Skills you can gain: record keeping & accounting, presentation, organizational, and accountability skills. 

Needs: time and energy to devote to record keeping and accounting, a love for numbers and spreadsheets!


The secretary records and distributes meeting minutes. The secretary will: 

  • record the meetings and type up the minutes
  • make note of actions promised and planned
  • distribute the minutes to the chair, co- chair, and principal
  • post the minutes, once approved in a public place for the parents and staff to read

Skills you can gain: listening, speed writing, organizational, and accountability skills. 

Needs: Good listening, note taking and writing skills


The chair (or co-chair if this role is shared) acts as the primary representative of the School Council and leads the School Council meetings. The chair/co-chair will:

  • chair council meetings
  • prepare agendas
  • arrange for meetings
  • ensure that minutes of council meetings are recorded and maintained
  • encourage consensus among School Council members & facilitate the resolution of conflict
  • establish subcommittees when deemed advisable
  • communicate with the school principal on behalf of the council

Skills you can gain: presentation, public speaking, mediation, leadership, confidence, organizational, and empowerment/mentoring skills.

Needs: to be organized and time-efficient, be able to guide conversations and have everyone able to share their thoughts, work well with lots of different people, communicate directly with principal and vice-principal