Art / Music

Visual Arts and Photography

The music/arts program at Emery offer a wide range of different skills and techniques to students, to help enhance their knowledge and build their strengths in the department. There are a wide range of courses to choose from that are separated for students of different interests and skills.

The arts program at Emery is very diverse and allows students to explore the world of the arts. Students learn about the history of the visual arts from the Native, Asian and African cultures as well as have the opportunity to critique different art pieces using art elements. Students of all strengths and weaknesses are welcome to take the arts courses, if it’s just as a hobby or something to pursue in the future. The arts at Emery are a place for students to express themselves and master the skills that they posses.


Students focus their work on the various aspects of musical performance through the study of a woodwind, brass or percussion instrument in a band setting. Students learn how to maintain the speed of the music while playing with others.  

Students will focus on the skills specific to the piano keyboard and will learn authentic repertoire.

Music and Computers:
This course is designed for students who wish to explore music through computer, MIDI, and synthesizer technology. Students have the hands-on experience of using computers for creative exploration, composition, and performance.

Steel Drum/Pan:
This course is designed for students wishing to play in a steel band and learn authentic repertoire.

This course is designed for students wishing to learn about vocal singing and participate in a choir setting.