Technological Education

Technology Classes

Emery Collegiate Institute provides high-quality, unique, and alternative curriculum for students interested in business and technical careers. Programs at Emery C. I. focus on the wide range of learning styles, strengths, and needs of our students. After graduation many students continue their training through apprenticeship programs, attend community colleges or go directly to the workplace.

In addition to traditional academic skill development, we have a strong focus on hands-on learning, personal management skills, teamwork, and character development, skills that the Conference Board of Canada has identified as those most desired by employers.

For many students, the best way to learn is through on-the-job practical training. Our Business and Tech classrooms simulate real-life job situations. Our highly supportive and engaging approach helps our students find success in workplace, co-op, apprenticeship and college programs. We help students build the confidence they need for a successful future.